Finally an Epiphany!

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I have never been a spiritual person, always quite the cynic actually. I have, however, been around a lot of kinetic energy healing (my nan practices alternative healing of illness through energy chanelling etc) and am very aware of its power. Since being introduced to this new way of lovemaking I have been reading constantly about Karezza. At first I thought it was a simple method of taking it slow and having self control.

The more I delve further into books of Buddist meditation practices (how to connect the body and mind as one) and the breast meditation I discovered through reading, the beautiful, Rachel's finally occurred to me that there is a lot more to this than what I initially foresaw; this is a journey of spiritual discovery and I realise now that I've been focusing far too much on control and suppressing urges while making love, instead of relaxing the mind, opening my heart chakra and letting energy flow freely. (

The sensation I felt through doing the breast meditation last night was like nothing I've felt before. It was as if I was charging my heart like a battery. I could feel the electricity in my bosom and I almost wanted to cry because all of a sudden I was enveloped by this overwhelming sense of love and wholeness that grew from my inside out. Just the thought of holding the hand of my darling or the warmth of his body against mine was so electrifying. I felt right then this great urge to pour all of this love and beauty over him; to completely melt into him as one so that he could feel how I felt. I can't wait to do this with my partner and show him how to feel what I feel! This is truly wonderful!!

Much love and thanks. Xxxxx



how wonderful to hear about your discoveries

I am so glad you are here and so happy reading your posts.

This Karezza is the greatest thing to happen to me in my adult life. And it's because of how much it has increased the plenty and the love in my life in all ways.  There is nothing like it. It is indescribable but we continue trying to describe it LOL.


I was a total skeptic when I first started experiementing with energy practices. Now I can fill my whole body with warm and pleasant chi just by willing it to happen. It is an awesome thing.

The challenge I run into in couples practice is that I tend to focus too much on my wife and on sending her energy. That causes my own light to go dull. There is a balance that has to be maintined where your awareness is mostly on yourself and building the light inside of you, and partially on your beloved.

This morning I was cuddling my wife and trying to send her energy. It was moderately successful. Then I took a moment to scan myself, release some tension and will my heart to warm up. My focus was on myself, but as I felt my own energy rising my wife shivered, let out a contented sigh and settled into a very relaxed rythmn of breathing. It was if my fire had died down too much and now that I was putting on more wood, she was feeling the greater warmth again and loving it. The lesson learned is that the best thing that I can do is keep my own energy warm and loving. I do not need to concentrate on sending it to her. I just need to include her in the space that I am warming. She is part of the room in which the fire is burning and the fire heats the whole room, including her, but it is not focused on her per se.

I hope that makes sense.

Yes, it's a spiritual practice

As I understand it, one goal of most spiritual traditions is to increase feelings of wholeness and connectedness...because that makes it easier to align with the wholeness of the Divine. Meditation is one way. So are diet and Qi Gong, and ritual and service and prayer and.... sacred sex practices that increase lingering feelings of wholeness.

In fact, you get a double benefit from the latter because you also sidestep a lot of the neurochemical ripples that can follow conventional sex with orgasm.

That whole-hearted feeling of love makes spirituality more than just a nice theory, doesn't it? Is your partner feeling any of this yet? It can take a bit of time to sync up.