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It's been almost a year now and my husband and I are still enjoying karezza together and still no Os
. I have always enjoyed full penetration during intercourse but lately I have noticed some type of sharp pain during full penetration. I have never paid a whole lot of attention to my husband's penis size, it has always been a good fit. But the other night while giving him a long gentle Karezza style hand job I noticed it seemed to be much larger than I remembered. I asked him was it larger than it used to be and he kind of smiled and said well maybe. So I got out my sewing tape measure and decided to check him out just for fun. We did this one time years ago but I did not remember how he measured. He said he used to be 7 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. He is now 8 1/4 inches in length and 6 3/4 inches in girth! I was a bit surprised but I think I found the answer to my pain during deep penetrations. I suppose it is the head of his penis bumping against my cervix. Now my question is do penises normally grow with age (58) or has he been using one of those male enhancement drugs? When I asked him about that he denied using anything but said it "just happened". I wonder if any of you have any experience with the same sort of things? I am really perplexed.




Nope, I've never heard of that. Maybe his erections are just fuller because he's more relaxed. Can you find positions that lead to shallower penetration?

I can't find where I put the scans of positions from the Richardson's books.

Positions help

We have only two positions we use for Karezza, Spoons and scissors. I enjoy both but he absolutely loves the spoons position. It has something to do with my labia wrapping around the base of his penis. During conventional intercourse he said he never was able to enjoy that feeling but now that we have changed our style of lovemaking he absolutely loves that sensation of my labia being wrapped around the base of his shaft and I love it for him. Only thing is for my labia to be wrapped around the base of his penis he must be fully inside my vagina and that is when there is pain. There are some angles he comes in that doesn't give me pain and that is what we try for.


I am almost certain that yes. I think that my penis has grown in length and girth but I can't prove it because I don't/didn't measure. But it seems pretty clear that it has. It seems noticably larger to me than it used to be. And I seem to be able to reach further into my wife's vagina than before.

I remember that some guys here reported that after they rebooted, got off porn...



It's true that guys who reboot

report larger erections, which are sometimes initially painful until the body adjusts to the new situation. I've been assuming it has to do with becoming less tense over all. Even more often they report that their voices get deeper too.

It's clear that humanity has a lot of really important stuff to learn about sex and sexual balance.

Yes it seem to be a natural development...

I have practiced tantric lovemaking for some years which is about the same as karezza. Then I've trained squeesing the PC muscle to be strong enough to stop the ejaculation. I think this has resulted in stronger erections. Now we have very slow movements during intercource and I enjoy most to lay still deeply penetrated in a completely relaxed vagina and feel the cervix against the head of my penis. I think it's important to avoid bumping and just feel the contact between penis head and cervix. It's very sensitive and gives a lot of exchange of energy. My wife has not felt any pain then.
Please return if you wish more information. I have spent a lot of time training the tantric way, but it's been a nice journey Smile

Us too

We have often had this problem. But what i found through numerous cycles is that while the time of month does play a factor it is almost always overcomeable by patience. As she becomes more and more relaxed and aroused, her cervix kind of retracts up and back, is the way ive seen it explained.

We dont consider weve had sex proper until weve managed to spend a half hour at full penetration, but it can take as long as a hour to get her to a point where shes ready for that. We are 50ish and she says as she gets older it just takes longer. That requires a higher commitment to spend that amount of time every 2 and half days. But as we enjoy the experience more and more, it becomes easier and easier to give up that time.

We do lots of Diannes positions, all of them and then some, and we find that any of the rear positions, and some of the side positions are more prone to be painful. At particularly bad times of the month (for us exact mid cycle, & v. early in cycle) we tend to dwell more on frontish positions.

Of course it probably doesnt need saying, that one wants to avoid hurting ones partner in the first place, that isnt going to endear her to the discipline at all. Positive feedback is what you want. Wink


Pain to pleasure

Thanks you. We have worked things out and it is much better. I have told him about the pain and he has really shown compassion. What we did was for me to let him know when I started to feel discomfort so he would know where he was. When he reached my cervix he stopped and just barely moved at all. Like you said Marnia it can be heavenly! Ooooooo. There is such a fine line though, if he just barely touches it I have the most special feeling, words can't explain, but just a little too much and OUCH. So it is something we are working on, fun work!

Thanks Tree for your thoughts, cycles are no longer an issue for us as I went through menopause about 15 years ago, tough to get through but what a relief. One of the best parts is no more periods which allows so much more freedom for intercourse, no more grumpy husband waiting for sex!


That is exactly how we do it. In fact I have been training him to get there and stay there in just the right spot, it is such a fine line, when it's right it is RIGHT, but when it's wrong it is WRONG. Still learning after all these years. This site is amazing! Thank you.


this seems so common. Too bad I didn't know to mention it in my book.

And all this time I just thought Gary was naturally...well endowed. Mosking