Day 22 (4)

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I decided to put in parentesis how many straight days I have not PMO because I feel like Day 22 can be misleading. But I had to go away for business for 4 days and had to be in a hotel room by myself for the nights so this made me very nervous. But thanks to the pills and also knowing that I can't break my web filters, I am doing very well where usually day 4 or day 5 was when I usually relapsed. I am about to go into uncharted territory without PMO but I am pretty confident that I can continue! My HOCD is still a little bad, but I am noticing the girls in my group more and talking to them, which is a good sign.


Well done

Remember, the intrusive thoughts will pop up from time to time for a while. Try to change your thoughts to a pre-chosen activity EVERY time. Gradually they weaken.

*big hug*