Day 20 - Quick situation report

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So! Although I've been having a headache most of the day it's been an ok day. At least I feel good right now.

Changes I've noticed are improved blood circulation (my hands and feet used to be really cold), calmness and a lowered need to stay stimulated. I think getting off video games is crucial for my success.

At the same time though I've been feeling a little bit worried that maybe I won't get fixed as some guys seem (or seem to think) not to even after 3-4 monthts. Yes, I know the time it takes to reboot is different for everyone.

Lately (maybe i mentioned this already) I've been spending some time drawing and reading - things I've been meaning to learn/spend more time doing for some time but procrastinated. Doing those things feels good but is still counterintuitive - my brain is still missing intensively rewarding activities I don't even have to mention.

The days are getting brigther, the snow is thawing away and the birds are chirping once again; spring is in the air and it couldn't have come back at a better time.


I see no reason for pessimism

but this way you're likely to be pleasantly surprised.

Rebooting progress is not linear. Often it seems like you're not getting anywhere...or like you're going backward...and then BANG, evidence of solid progress.