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Still kickin'

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So things were pretty challenging yesterday, but today is a little calmer. Sometimes I just tell myself that if I can just make it to day 15, I'll be okay and can recommit at that time. That seems to help my commitment - then it doesn't seem as daunting.

Thrown for a loop

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So last night kind of threw me for a loop. I remained sober (my word for celibate), but I went through some profound darkness last night.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was feeling confident about recovering my addiction. I spent much of the day with friends playing fun games and what not. I came home and all was well.

Need help with addiction

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This is my first blog entry. I have recently decided to overcome my addiction to pornography and wanted to share my experience and hopefully gain the support of this online community. Right now I'm on day nine of my "sobriety". It has been a difficult week, but today seems very challenging.