Day 11

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It seems that my case is a bit different.

I have been into PMO for 8-9-10 years. I am not sure, but since a long time. I started with erotic movies, then moved to soft porn, then hard porn. During the past 1-2 years I moved to S/M, humiliation, gang-bang. But lately I managed to get erected only a few moments before ejaculation. If I slowed down for a moment and continued watching I managed to stay erected for quite long. But when I stopped watching or the movie started to be less hard or arousing I lost my erection. Then I stumbled on this web site and realized...

I stopped PMO 10 days ago. I have almost no cravings to watch porn, I also manage not to phantasize about porn. After 4-5 days I started to get morning erections and during the first 8 days I was quite horny. On the day 9 I lost sexual interest in women and yesterday I did not have morning wood but today it returned. But I still do not have spontaneous erections or so. (During the past few years I did not get morning erections, only when I was not at home for a longer time and watched no porn, even though I masturbated...)

I thought that my problem is physical - veins or so, but now I am quite sure that it is porn induced. Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.

I am very happy that I stumbled on this web site, otherwise I would still be in the dark...

I would like to ask if someone had a similar experience?


Hello; well I've been in PMO

Hello; well I've been in PMO long too and I'm only at day 18; I can only say, everyday is different from the last; you see tendencies like having a clearer head but usually, it varies; for me, the first week was like, one day with morning wood, the next without, the day after again with morning wood.
And then you calm down, more or less; appart from a wet dream once I can relate to your story. Find women really beautiful but it is like it is disconnected below. I would say that's exactly what we want at this stage, as strange as it may seem.
Good luck on your recovery !