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Flowing with My Body Cycles + Priorities

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I finally took a morning to myself and went out into the creek to lie in the sand and write in my journal. It's my moontime and this month has been a bit rocky. Ever since getting married, I've noticed that I haven't really taken the time to write in my journal. And this is such a loss, because the space that this place provides for me is so immense - it aerates my sense of responsibility to my own spiritual path and helps me to clarify what is really important in my life.

♥Complimentary Yin/Yang Currencies: "A world in balance?" by Bernard Lietaer

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Paper published in Reflections,
the journal of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) Summer 2003
Special issue on “The feminine approach to leadership”

A World in Balance?
Bernard Lietaer
November 2002

The theme of this issue of Reflections - “the feminine approach to leadership” – will be
addressed in this paper through the question: what would be different in a society in
which the feminine was really honored? Honoring the feminine encompasses not only
equal rights to women, but also runs a lot broader and deeper. Indeed, it translates into an

The Real Woman Manifesto by Ana Holub

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The Real Woman Manifesto

Whereas, I am a living, breathing woman of the world and

Whereas, I have a right to speak my mind and share my heart

I affirm:


• I am full of passion, great ideas, creativity, intelligence and soul wisdom.

• My life is my art.

• I celebrate my true beauty and the true beauty of women and girls around the globe.

• My joy comes from sharing the best of who I am with others and the whole of the Earth.


• I am not a mannequin nor a robot.

♥ Threshhold of Marriage and Healing the Family Body

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Hello all -

I have come back to the forum because I need some advice. My wedding is in October and my fiancee Adam and I have had some difficulty navigating how to invite his half brother and sister that his father had with another married woman while still married to my fiancees' mother. I will call the Other Woman Suzanne, and my fiancee's father, O'Reilly, and mother, Tina. The 1/2 brother and sister are Jacqueline (14), and Mark (13). We did not invite Suzanne to the wedding but we did invite Jacqueline and Mark, which bothered Suzanne.