Day 6 of reboot - masturbated

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This is harder than I remember. I went over one hundred days on my first reboot. I guess my motivation isn't as strong now...

Today I masturbated to orgasm. I decided to release some tension and frustration but didn't use fantasy, simply focusing on my body as suggested by a commenter on my prior post - It was a satisfying experience and I wasn't left with the empty feeling I get after fantasy based orgasm. Still it's a let down to have such little self control.

Twenty six days till I am reunited with my partner

Today we talked about Tantra and Karezza on Skype. We've ready to commit to an extended run, perhaps a month. We need that healing and will be living in remote mountain forest, the perfect setting for a spiritual journey. I'm excited to hear she is finally ready. It's a serious undertaking and won't work unless we're both present and in agreement. I have no doubt it will bring us closer, make us stronger and teach us. I also talked through some scaring negative sexual experiences from my past. It wasn't easy to open up, I fully trust her but it's still unpleasant for me to relive. Progress was made, I believe sharing always makes us stronger.


Sounds great

My guess is that you really needed the reboot last time. This time, you may just need to avoid escalating.

It's great that your sweetie is willing to experiment. 26 days isn't that long. Wink