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Relationship over

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She had a wobble at the start of the month, funnily enough two days after my post about
'perfect' sex.

A few weeks ago we took a day off work mid week and had steamy physical sex all day long. I burnt her out and she didn't want to have sex for a few days afterwards. She said her pussy was simply saying no more. She became distant after this day.

Perfect sex. I seem to be 100% cured.

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My girlfriend had been away for 2 weeks. She went onto her period the weekend before she left. So it had been 3 weeks since we had had sex. I started masturbating quite a bit when she was gone, albeit without porn and most of the time without fantasy. When I did fantasise I was thinking of her and our previous bedroom adventures or other girls I had been with in the past (no crazy porn style thoughts). My sex drive seems to of gone up a lot since getting into this relationship. I realised masturbating regularly was unwise so stopped 4 days before she came back.

3 x successful sex attempts in one evening

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Because of our busy lives and somewhat long distance relationship we make the most when we are together. Started off oral to O before dinner. Before going to sleep we had sex. I stopped myself from O. We woke up in middle of the night, had sex and I had an O. The next morning I wake up to oral, and then sex (15 minutes). I was not completely hard throughout though. She is on top which is not my favourite position. I perhaps was a little sleepy, I left her vagina soft without O.

First post-reboot orgasm with my girlfriend

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We finally cracked the delayed ejaculation problem. I had an orgasm for the first time in her presence. I needed one hell of a lot of stimulation to get me there but what an orgasm! She was so delighted :) Delighted for me but also for herself as she said she felt a little inadequate not being able to get me to orgasm (a role reversal on the stereotypical male-female sex problem).

Post reboot mind blowing non fantasy MO

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On Marnia's recommendation I bought 'Tantric Sex for Men: Making Love a Meditation'. I'm about half way through and it's a fascinating read. A few days ago I had an MO but was unable to get erect or orgasm without fantasy, albeit of a real life situation with my lady. I was getting pretty turned on by this book when it was talking about feeling the sexual energy flow around your body. So I decided to masturbate but without fantasy.

Ups and downs, intimate conversations, and first MO in 125+ days

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I went to my lady's house on Sunday to look after and bring her some cheer as she was ill (headache, soar throat). She is also on her period. Lucky me! But actually it was completely chilled and she was really gentle, tender, and relaxed. It's the first time we have spent a decent amount of time together (24+ hours) since being back. The hours seem to just fly by despite the fact we often just chill in bed, listen to music, cuddle, and play. It's never dull and doesn't get boring. We spent the whole night sleeping in each others arms.

A sense of perspective: I was being a little hard on myself the other day.

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Just keep on going man, don't get frustrated by what you imagine she may be thinking because you may be totally wrong. Also, she wouldn't be with you if she didn't want to. Anybody can be anywhere they want at any time and if she's still with you, it's because she cares about you

Day 111 - Successful sex. It works!!

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So I'm a very happy man today. The reboot worked. After 2 months of being apart I reunited with my lady last night. Part of me was unsure of how things would go. Would we still get on like we did before we both went off travelling? Would there still be an attraction? But when we saw one another it was obvious. Big smiles on both of our faces. I walked up and without saying a word we had a long passionate kiss. It felt great to have her in my arms. As if no time had passed. As comfortable as ever. Like we have known each other for years.