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Day 21 - No PMO - A little review

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I met a weird and wonderful woman today on a train journey and we spent a bizarre afternoon together. Knowing I can't have O actually makes me very chilled. I am no longer goal orientated i.e. 'trying to get laid'. It's like the pressure is off and I am just being myself. This seems to come across and if anything has increased attraction levels towards me. It was as if this girl picked up on something and our time together was very natural.

Day 20 - No PMO

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- Sexual dreams about recent girlfriend. Very real, and combined with body movements, as if I was almost with a real partner. Could be unrelated to no PMO and just me missing / expecting someone else to be in my bed.
- Strong morning wood.
- Aching in balls is less than yesterday.
- Libido feels a little low this morning. Nothing like yesterday mornings' raging horniness!
- Looking forward to going out and meeting girls tonight.

Day 19 - No PMO

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- Another sexual dream last night. I seem to lucid dream sex situations and then wake up to realise no one else is in my bed. Very odd.
- Very horny in the morning.
- Dull aching pain in my balls all day.
- Libido seemed low at end of the day.