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I just came across it -- I can't tell yet if it's discussing the type of non-ejaculation spiritual orgasm we talk about here sometimes, or if it's about regular orgasm. Will look into it more but just wondered if this was something others here knew about already.



One of the teachers listed is

One of the teachers listed is Mukee. I listened to an audio program she did. I liked it. It was about lasting longer before ejaculation for men. It was about body awareness, relaxation. Some similar stuff, I guess, but not the same. Since she didn't preach avoiding ejaculation. But some of the techniques were useful for me.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The lady I talked to who went to the first level said there was no penetration, and said that she can now hold an older man (physically unable to sexually function) fully clothed and she can feel the energy exchange between them which results in a huge spiritual orgasm.

OK, my question is...

what happens to their relationship during the next two weeks? There are many tantra techniques for pumping things up, but karezza is about sustainable relationships, which may require a different neurochemistry.

So much to learn about sex, orgasm and relationships!

I agree

it does seem that the answer to my question would be just as Marnia stated it -- look at the ongoing relationship situation -- not so much the "techniques" presented in a book or workshop. I'll ask that of the lady I talked to and share if she has any helpful insights.