Now I see why my husband was so happy

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My late husband and I were meditators, energy healers, and he was an artist with a mind that naturally took things slowly and savored the moment. With his genital herpes which I did not have and didn't want to get, and with me not being into condoms, we found other ways to be intimate quite often. Now that I've discovered Karezza and what it does for a person even beyond the bedroom, I'm starting to understand things more clearly.

We met after our long-term marriages ended, mine was 22 years and his was 24 years. After 7 years of our marriage, he'd say the men at work who knew him from his previous relationship kept asking him what his secret was and why he had such a happy glow. Even though conventional sex is known to cause a hangover, during the honeymoon phase for some men there's a glow and more spring in their step. He always had that now. At his life celebration, his male cousin came up and described our relationship as a never-ending honeymoon that inspired the other men in the family.

I felt concerned -- "surely this will end -- why is this happening?" I felt strange, because we didn't have that much conventional sex and most people thought that's what it probably was -- that we had an ongoing hot peak orgasm sex life. We did have that somewhat, but not nearly as often as what people would think. It was that he was a rare person able to do Karezza-type sex without training, I guess.

Now I think I'm starting to get it.

I'm going to keep studying this during my necessary time of singlehood. This is amazing. I don't think we got as far as we could have, but I think we got a good taste of it. I'm feeling kind of blessed right now. And curious as to what more I'm going to learn.

I did spend a few months dating some very nice, handsome, men. They were great guys, not "jerks." Maybe it was just too soon, but I could not stand their energy -- the feeling that they wanted conventional sex with me, the feeling that every thing they said or did was a hidden agenda to reach that state. I thought I was a prude or that something was wrong for not wanting that anymore after knowing a different kind of sex -- but still there was a strong sex drive, a wanting of... something. I think I'm finally figuring out what Something is.



energy can be transformed

Thanks for explaining your situation better. Guys I think are willing to try this if you have the right guy. I think you'll find him out there.

This has transformed my life in the most amazing ways. I don't think it is a hard sell (pardon the pun lol) really for a guy to try this with you. 

Guys who have this "conventional sex energy" are acting from brain programs that are unconscious. The right guys are open to this. 

There is an element of leadership here. If you are into Karezza a guy can get that energy from you and become into it himself, I believe. I think it's MUCH harder for the reverse to happen. Guys will try almost anything that has to do with sex, I think. 


good thoughts

Thanks for the encouraging insights, Emerson.

I'd call it dumb luck the first time -- told my late husband on our first date that I no longer did dating or recreational sex and we'd have to wait for committed union. By that I'd meant not doing conventional sex before commitment, but didn't know that's what I meant at the time. All I knew is that I didn't want to do it like I'd done it before.

Figured I'd never hear from him again after saying that. After all, he was from the 60s hippie generation -- free "love." But he couldn't wait to date again and found himself very excited to wait while we did all kinds of other bonding actions -- unaware they were similar to Karezza bonding -- beyond just cuddling, very sexual, just no peak orgasm or serious penetration. I even almost gave in at one time and it was he who held us both off -- and he even believed then that peak orgasm was the ultimate.

I had thought I don't want to "train" someone, but as you said, if I get more confident in Karezza, the energy can be effortlessly entrained to another who will then find his own way.
I'm guessing with the guys I was dating, they may have been a reflection of my own unconscious energetic non-leadership-ness about the subject.

For now, I'm happy re-establishing my autonomous foundation a little more before giving myself to another, but it's a nice thought that it could happen again some day, but even better next time.