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Here's an odd sounding possible resource for both genders. Great for those of us staying single for a while, but also for couples.

It tells about the TARA Aproach -- how to use touch -- mostly just on yourself but also gives examples for two people together -- using certain meridians (not accupressure) to release intimate inhibitions and past scars so we can melt back into that resonance of feeling ourselves unconditionally loved:

It's a book called "We are All in Shock." But don't let the title fool you. It could sound like it's just for traumatized war vets (which it is also good for). But it tells many real life stories including one of a man who could not maintain a relationship, and kept himself quite isolated. He always felt lonely. He touched the "relationship and loneliness" flow points of the body and was eventually transformed, engaged well with people and happily married.

It's a long established method used for other health issues also -- such as healing the nervous system. There are counselors and practitioners using it, but the book tells how to just do it with yourself.



Interesting . . .

Thank you. I looked it up on amazon and two reviewers gave it 5 stars. I wonder if this technique is a more western-science form of EFT.

So good to see energy healing brought into our culture.

I see slight resemblances

I see slight resemblances with this to EFT, but I've tried both, and love the TARA Approach much better. Your "head" gets out of the guessing as to what to release. It's more touch and love that does the work (although there is some left brain study that goes along with it). And it's restful. My arms almost fell off try to tap everything away with EFT. You can also go to the TARA Approach website and look around there. Comes up quick when you google it. Just don't go to TARA "technique" which is something completely different -- if you're trying to avoid images of porn.