Age 33; Day 38: Down day.

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I would have to rank today about a 4 or 5 out of 10. I am under a lot of stress to get work done and deadlines met lately, and there does not appear to be any real end in sight. Earlier I was experience some real craving. I'm still not all that tempted to view porn, but I do have a strong desire to experience orgasm during those times, and hence, and urge to masturbate. I don't allow myself to consider masturbation as a real option at this point though, so I am still hanging in there. It sure makes me wish I had a nice girlfriend to help relieve the pressure though! Speaking of that, I have noticed that when I do get the urge, I notice that the fantasies that pop into my head are generally of me. I would even say that they are more like a very heavy desire to have a real woman and my imagination of sex with her, as opposed to some nameless woman with a porn star body. Part of me wonders if this is my libido returning, but I'm still very hazy on how to differentiate a healthy libido from an unhealthy desire or compulsion.

Anyway, this post is short because I have a lot to do and I'm still working. Just wanted to write for my own therreputic reasons and to express my mood today. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. I might watch a movie later if I can tear myself away from my work long enough.


Hey bro

Just wanted to let you know Im going through the same thing right now. A ton of work and today is 23 days of no PMO for me. So you have me beat in tht regard lol. But keep on going through with every hardship comes ease. You are definitely making yourself stronger the longer you abstain.

I am in college and am getting the same desires for women you are. Hopefully we ll find girlfriends soon until then stay string my friend stay strong


Thank you AF90D. It's very helpful and so important that we encourage each other. Just think how inspirational you'll be to others who are only on day 10, or 5, when you are able to tell them that you know first hand how tough it was, and that they too can prevail. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the encouragement, and reserve some for yourself. We will not be defeated!