Pornified by Pamela Paul

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I found this as I was searching Google Scholar for more info on pornography. It's an interesting sample. I think I would like to read the whole book.


Google ARE aware that Google tracks EVERYTHING you access via various Google sites (and sells it to marketers), right? Just something to keep in mind.

Why not buy a copy as a reward when you pass the bar exam?


Lol. Yes I am. I don't really mind too much. Buying one after the bar is a good idea. Hopefully by then I'll have a nice shiny new job to pay for it too! Ha ha. I was only able to get a few pages into it but it was very read-able and interesting.

Thanks for keeping an eye on me Pinup. You are a sweetheart. Wink


I would mind, but I'm a little...paranoid. Rewards work (and I would know; I coached my ex-fiance through grad school)!

Aww :)