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Hello I'm Jason. I've been reading about karezza for a few weeks and am interested. I told my wife about it and she's thinking it's not a good idea. I'm going ahead with it anyways. I'm trying the 2 orgasms a month method to acclimate myself. Well I went two weeks of no ejaculation and had sex yesterday. We did the usual foreplay then she went cowgirl. I lasted about twenty seconds. It could be that I felt too much pressure to not cum. It could be the edging I did almost nightly for those previous two weeks. I am going to try to stop edging at night.



It's tough to do something

like karezza without both partners being on board. Would she be willing to read a book about it? Here's a free one on the site:

The Karezza Method (entire text) by J. William Lloyd (1931)*

This book, written by a man, is a beautiful, inspiring manual about the practice of Karezza. It's full of practical information and highly recommended. Choose from PDF e-book, Epub version, Mobi version, PDF version reduced to minimum pages for printing or scan of original book.

What about engaging in nightly bonding behaviors when you're not having intercourse? The Lazy Way to Stay in Love

Doing great on keeping

Doing great on keeping orgasms to a minimum. Had maybe two since my last post, but the wifey is still not digging on me keeping from orgasm. That's why I've had two. I'm just happy to know that I can do it now. It's all mental. Oh that and breathing too.