Age 32 - day 2

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I know now that I cannot make it on my own! I need a plan and a group counsel.
I did the 6 types test and I discovered that:
1. My main source of addiction is biological. So its good news because it is just that I liked the feeling and got addicted to it.
2. I may also have emotional unresolved issues like distant and violent father and rough childhood that lead me to seek for PMO.
3. There may be a void in spirituality and moral values with my life. This is a great opportunity for vices and sex to fill in as no moral Christian values are there to bare them
4. I also couple sexual addiction with intimacy anorexia because I do not seem to like sharing pleasure, love and my body with my girlfriend and I isolate myself into PMO. But I wonder if it is PMO that in the first place led me to being and intimacy anorexic. So stop masturbation for 90 days, go out with a girl and see by yourself
5. Last reason may be that I am stabilizing my mood disorders with constant masturbation. Also, it may be PMO in the first place that leads to mood swings and I am pretty sure it does as I notice it everytime I fap. So stop masturbation for 90 days and see what happens.