Anyone have lubricant suggestions?

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Prone to allergies? Read this thread first.

Jojoba oil - (Quizure) My partner and I both were irritated by this oil. It put us out of commission for a number of days. Now we just use all natural, unprocessed, SPIT! It's Paleo! UPDATE: We tried a lot of things, but have settled on a product called inessents organic cocoa butter. Spill proof, but slightly creamy, and smells wonderful. You can't spill it, or drip it on things, which happened too often with liquid oils, at least for us. I also now have a sexual response to the smell of the cocoa butter. :) Even at 55, I'm still trainable. :)

(Marnia) Diana Richardson recommends almond oil (available in the food oils aisle...choose organic). Tornfromabook likes coconut.

(emerson) Glycerin by itself sucks water out of the vaginal lining and isn't good. With water, it's fine. Too much water and it isn't lubricating enough. But it isn't really that tricky and I mix and apply before intercourse. The coconut oil or butter or MCT oil was fine until it wasn't. I really have kind of messed up my penis from it. Lost some sensitivity and I'm still trying to figure out how to heal there. I never expected that.

(Darryl) Along with spit, Aloe Vera Gel works great. Get the 99% pure stuff. Besides being an excellent lubricant it has great skin healing properties as well.

(Rachel) We were using Liquid Silk with no problems for quite a long time and then suddenly it started causing a burning sensation for me (silicone). Now we use a completely water-based lubrication (H20 I think it's called).

(wfk007) We tried Olive Oil for a little while. It was recommended to my wife by a therapist (she was having tightness issues). I didn't care for it, for some reason it felt like there was tiny things in it that took away the feeling (like fine sandpaper). But we did not have any issues with cleaning the sheets.

To the original question, my wife doesn't really use lubricants anymore thanks to karezza. Just some gentle time holding and light touching warms her up. She also initiates any intercourse so she can become comfortable by directing me into her gently. I think the change is due to no pressure and her relaxing. In the past the need to perform got to her. Now she no longer cares about performing.

(Luv2fly) We have been using 100% pure cocoa butter. It is a hard stick when it is room temp but with a little body heat it quickly melts, we love the way it smells and tastes, like chocolate! It does not loose it's lubricity like some of the water based stuff.

(blissed) Walnut oil is our friend. Soft entry with walnut oil is great because we are often very tired when we go to bed, and we can "plug in" without even a thought or worry about me having an erection or her being lubricated.

(John G.) We never used lube until we began karezza -- my wife was squeamish about anything 'artificial' -- but now, in karezza, readily accedes to me using it. I use grapeseed oil and it works perfectly: light and thin, absorbed through the skin.

(emerson) We use almond oil in a little spray bottle and I've figured out how to get it in the right place without dripping on the sheets :)

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Cocoa butter

Wife and I have been using this for years with no probs. it doesn't get sticky, lasts and lasts, smells and tastes like chocolate! its all natural, and after it melts it is so slippery. Available in drugstores. It comes in a stick and is hard at room temp. Make sure u get 100% pure cocoa butter not 'cocoa butter formula' as the formula does not work for this.

Coconut Oil

We switched to this a few months ago and we both love it. It has an enjoyable scent, lasts a long time, and is great for sensitive tissue. We keep it in our old KY Personal Lube bottles. We zap them in the microwave with the lid open for a few seconds to "melt" the coconut oil back to liquid form.

Coconut Oil

I second the vote. We've tried just about every lube over the years, and coconut oil is our favorite.

As for the microwave issue, even if there were any truth in the urban legend about microwaved water killing plants, the 20 seconds it takes to warm a small jar to a pleasant temp isn't going to "boil" anything.

On the other hand, I use sturdy glass bottles and avoid microwaving anything in plastic. If there ever was a basis in fact for the microwave legend, it is almost certainly because the container used to microwave the water leached something nasty into the water while it was boiling.

We like it.

We use Coconut oil and like it. It is real nice for genital massages. We find it a bit messy though for intercourse as it kinda gets all over the place. We still use cocoa butter as it is a little easier to use cause it is in a solid form until it gets to body temp, then it melts, right where you want it.

Nutragena Sesame Oil

Light, mild scent and taste, completely non-irritating to the most sensitive of skin and tissues, and unlike most oils, does not taste or smell too strongly on your partner's skin. Works well for general massage without sex as well as as for a vaginal penetration lubricant. Ain't cheap, but worth it.

where I'm at with this

the artificial lubes seem to create allergies or intolerance after awhile in the vagina.

We use almond oil and also a bit of spit. It's a great excuse for some oral sex if we needed excuses. So that's the new routine, almond oil on the penis and a bit of tongue in the vagina. It's great fun and it really works. That, and entering gradually to give her a chance to lubricate.

Also, I've discovered if you can stimulate her near the back of her vagina that gets lubrication going really well. The A spot.

Certain positions are ideal for this, especially guy on top with her legs on the guy's shoulders. That penetration angle seems to stimulate the A spot and that is what creates great internal lubrication. Even a few moments at that angle work wonders.


Although my favorite was always combining baby oil and vaseline intensive care......vitamin E skin oil and any other vitamin A & E or D combinations based products seem a lot healthier. Actually if i had the resources i would market the product. LOL so if there are any residuals please just send a percentage to NoMan@cyclops public relations

Cocoa Butter Suggestions?

My wife and I have never used lubricant, the mess of commercial products has always turned her off and made her feel awkward. Reading this it sounded like Cocoa Butter was a great, no mess option. I bought a small jar online, Pure Cocoa Butter - Unrefined Organic. The stuff is solid, which I was expecting, but it is really hard to get soft. I am afraid the whole process will be even more awkward! Am I using the right product? I really need something that is easy to apply with no drip or mess.

Some oils

solidify at low temps, which is why people in colder climates (or winter) choose oils that don't do that. I'm guessing that a cocoa butter lubricant has other things in it to keep it from hardening.

Try something else unless you have an easy way to keep it warm enough to be useful. Smile

The comment by Merina toward

The comment by Merina toward the bottom of the comments suggests otherwise.

Just to clarify this concern folks have about putting honey in their yoni; I’m a Certified Sexologist and Sex Educator, and I can tell you, without a doubt, that honey is VERY GOOD for the yoni! It creates the perfect PH, kills sperm, is anti~bacterial, anti~microbial, and anti~viral!!! It heals yeast infections, and bacterial infections, (thrush,) which are more common than yeast infections. Cleopatra used a sea sponge soaked in honey as her form of birth control. It is very effective.


The "In medicine" section of supports most of those claims.

Still, I'd be concerned that as the honey is diluted, there could come a point where the sugar could encourage yeast growth. Maybe if the honey is of sufficient strength, and used "early and often" :-), then maybe dilution is not often a problem.

Also, honey might be a problem for diabetics!