Are there karezza groups in my area?

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Let us know if you start one and we'll add it here.

Also, couples who participate on this site are sometimes available to answer questions for groups via Skype. Contact Marnia for details.



Sorry, but

it has been so long that I'm not sure who this person was now. Blush

Maybe just start a blog (Click on "Members' Blogs" in the lefthand column, and then on "My Blog"), and if she's around she might message you.

Welcome to the site!

I'm in NYC

but I'm so new to this. We haven't even tried karezza for real yet. Just one day of exchanges. If it goes well (it depends on how interested my partner is), I'd be happy to form a group.

new group meeting in Eugene

I'm co-hosting, with John Russell, a new spiritual focus/empowerment group that is very "karezza-firendly". It meets every Sunday at 10am at the Karuna Shala Integrative Wellness Center at 1374 Willamette, Suite 6. Also of interest to folks may be the "Sex and Spirit" forum that meets at 7pm every 2nd and 4th Mondays at Unity of the Valley in south Eugene. I can be contacted via my cell, 706-371-2112, my e-mail,, or my website at I have no text, so please leave voice-mail if calling.


Is there some sort of protocol or outline of a meeting?

How has this been received in the communities that have implemented it?

I am interested in doing something in the Oregon North West...


HI Laughinghawk,

My own sense is that I need to create a community of people around me who are touch friendly, affectionate, conscious, playful and have a strong interest in a culture of consent. Cuddle Party (see: is the best avenue I've found for creating this without the difficulties of sexual intimacy. For me, intimate relationships with women are very challenging and having this as fall back support is crucial.

I've come across two approaches to verbal communication that I find helpful. Attitudinal Healing principles (see: and Guidelines for groups (see: are the best I've found for sharing verbally in healing related groups. I've also run across an approach that has a very strong shamanic feel to it. The facilitator uses archetype symbology to help us deepen our sharing but the basic process is very simple. You simply sit in a circle around a sacred fire and when you feel moved, you go up to a talking staff at one spot in the circle and say whatever you want to the fire. Since it is not directed at anyone, it is a safe way to share experience without getting into conflict. It is the process adopted by a local men's circle here. It was suggested that we limit our sharing to five minutes so that others have a chance, but there is no order to the sharing other than when an individual feels moved. You can share more than once. I frequently do. If you'd like to know more about it, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.



Shamanic Fire

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your reply.

I am very interested in the Shamanic Fire circle process. Sounds pretty simple, is there anything else that you would add to your description? I like the idea of throwing stagnant emotional energy back to the Source symbolically in a fire like that.

Best to you,