Does karezza benefit other aspects of one's life?

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Strange as it sounds, improving inner balance by staying off of the neurochemical roller coaster that (for some lovers) accompanies too-much-of-a-good-thing can show up in areas of one's life beyond relationships.


I've experienced huge benefits outside my relationship from bonding behaviors. And I've gotten other people to do bonding, people with serious problems, and their problems have partly melted away just from that.

I encountered some major reversals in my business and overcame them in a very short time. And during that entire time, I think that I was much more calm and rational than I would have been before.

I think much more long-term now, and am more focused.

I think this is all due to high levels of oxytocin. I feel much more secure and more anchored all the time and it manifests itself in the rest of my life in many ways. I coined a term sexual prosperity for what this is and what it creates in my life, and it goes far beyond sex.

Here's why this is such a wealthy practice, this Karezza.

I think I always lived in the past with my beloved with a state of lack, a state of fear of not getting enough sex. Fear that I wouldn't have an erection, or that it wouldn't last.

I know a lot of guys who feel the same way and they live that way.

When we had sex, it was to reach an orgasm or else it wasn't a success. When the orgasm was over, it was over. And as time went by, my beloved got more ordinary looking and I continued feeling that lack and that sense of anxiety.

Well now that is all changed. I am always ready and my beloved and I have the sweetest times and not just in bed but all the time. It has transformed my life and made everything so much better.

There are sweet and wonderful feelings all the time. And my beloved looks younger and more beautiful every day.

My priorities have changed over the past months. I value love and my lifestyle far more than money. And money comes much more easily. Everything comes much more easily. Because I feel plenty instead of lack.

If you are embarking on this adventure, if you are very young and wondering about how someone could "give up" orgasms, keep in mind that after you've experienced orgasms and sex that way, there could be an even better path for you, one that is so sweet and wonderful that it cannot be described.

And it will, I think, bring you the feeling of having enough, of having more than enough, and actually having more than enough in all spheres of your life.

(emerson) Couple harmony improved

Spent time with one of my male friends who really took to Karezza when I discussed it with him several months back. He's one of the few people I spent time discussing this with. Now he was telling me how enthusiastically they make love and his method is to get real close to the point of no return and dwell there. He described these full body orgasmic feelings, drawing the feelings from his genitals to his whole body, and how it doesn't have any bad after-effects or cause any loss in his good feelings.


And, I had another guy who indirectly I described the whole thing to, who had been suffering a bad marriage and was sticking together out of a sense of obligation, who told me:

Things are REALLY turning around for him and his relationship with his wife, and this is a big reason for it (Karezza and bonding behaviors). I was really happy for him.

I always tell people if the subject comes up: if you bond a lot and make non-orgasmic love to your partner (although the making love is really optional at this point), in 3 weeks you'll be a different person. It's the tons of bonding that make a huge difference even if you and your partner are on the outs. You will be on the "ins" by the end of the 3 week period.