Karezza Journeys

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We've decided to start collecting cohesive accounts of people's experiences in incorporating karezza into their sex lives for the benefit of other visitors.

If you would like to contribute a description of your experience, add it in the Comments below and it will be transferred it to a separate page.

Karezza Journeys:

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Starting down the Karezza road

After being married for 25 years (we are in our late 50s) this is a new one for us. I must say it is different, a good different. Before Karezza my wife and I had what I consider to be a great sex life, orgasm driven and goal oriented though it was. We had sex about every other day with mutual orgasm about twice a week and me orgasming every time, that was always the goal, orgasm. Me hoping she would cum, her hoping I would cum, her hoping she would cum, you know the drill. Although my wife only orgasmed once maybe twice weekly I always felt like I needed to do more to get her to cum more often. Now, that doesn't exist and what a difference! Our sex life has taken on a whole new look and feel. I used Cialis for about the last four years due to some ED issues and I don't even need that anymore, amazing! My erections are getting back to where they were ten years ago, happening sooner with less physical stimulation and being as hard as they ever were, and even though I sometimes loose my erection during Karezza, it comes around again, every time so far, and that never happened before, once it was gone, it was gone. I can only think it must be because the pressure to last and to perform are gone, what a relief. So we are reading the book by Lloyd, enjoying this journey and taking it one day at a time. We are practicing Karezza every day right now for about an hour or more but I suppose that will change as we get more into it. I guess right now it is still a novel thing for us and we will probably get back the every other day routine. I must admit I do miss those huge orgasms we had together but the trade-off, so far is worth it.

Yea, more gears is good.

Yea, more gears is good. Yesterday we discovered the "Karezza oral sex" gear, WOW! I never would have imagined what it could be like not finish a session like that without orgasms, never would have dreamed of it, but all I can say is WOW!

Non intercourse Karezza

That's interesting. I've always thought there must be an 'oral Karezza' mode, and a 'manual'' one, too, but we've found it dificult to know how to engage in either of these ways without doing too much, and ending up in an orgasmic frenzy.

Hands, or heads, just resting on genitals, is nice enough; but something more seems to be needed, withoit it becoming too frictional.

Can you say what this 'gear change' entailed?

it's changed

Oral means orgasm at least for my giving her oral.

And that's okay as sometimes that is what she wants and I deliver. She is not totally on board all the time with no orgasm and I figure that's her business.

And she never really loved giving me oral and that's okay with me (she doesn't these days) because I find that I don't really enjoy direct stimulation to my penis anymore anyway.

I read in CPA that oxytocin receptors increase and you have more sensation and that seems right. I feel ten times more than I used to even when she just strokes my back. All those many years when I loved her to touch my penis (and either I or she was handling it) and all I wanted was for her to orally minister to it...and now I don't care for that anymore.


Just as intercourse is very

Just as intercourse is very gentle and slow and lengthy, so was this, it took some focusing and thought to "stay" where we needed to be, but it did work. It was not mutual oral sex but individual. It also took some communication between us to let each other know when to give things a break before they got too heated up.


Okay, thanks. I had assumed you meant mutual - not that we've found individual any easier. Still, I like the idea of a 'circuit', that comes from doing much the same thing at the same time.


Does anyone have an opinion on edging while involved in Karezza? Wife and I are still new to this but it happened last night during intercourse and it was fun and good but we don't know if it is a good path to go down or not. Several times we both got so close to orgasm, and though it was a bit difficult we managed to get things back to normal, whatever that is......


I think it's fun to experiment. But I also don't think that slamming on the brakes is a good idea over time, due to two things. One is prostate and body health: it just doesn't seem like a healthy thing although I have no evidence for that. Second is it seems to be a lot like reaching orgasm for me and it can over a few days diminish the wonderful feelings I have for my partner temporarily.

A lot of the conventional Tantra stuff is all about this, though, reaching orgasm without ejaculation or getting onto this plateau so I may be completely wrong.

For me it seems to be more delightful to focus my presence energy on my perineum and on relaxing that whole area and this naturally leads ot a more ecstatic experience that is not as close to orgasm. Although some times it's more edgy and sometimes it's more in the relaxation mode. It's all good!

I agree

Slamming on the brakes is no fun, it feels unnatural to stop the whole process. Seems like it is better not to go there. We can both have nice long bonding sessions without getting to the edge, so we are going to try to avoid going down that road, approaching orgasm and having to 'hold back'. The bonding effect is better without it, regardless of how good it feels. But like you said it's all good!

i have found that one needs

i have found that one needs to orgasm with ejaculation once every 4 or 5 times otherwise the pressure builds to an uncomfortable measure and i feel drained of natural energy . I also find the orgasm is so more intense longer lasting and clears the inner pathways and on waking a beautifull sense of peace & wellbeing ensues for days on end . The other sensation i have come to know is that ejaculation is a secondary bodily response verifying that it is unnessasary in the true bonding of lovers .