Long-Distance Karezza?

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(Rachel) I think time away from each other is a wonderful way to learn to be creative in how you express yourself, whether it be through e-mails, texts, photos you send, or conversations. It's so easy to relate to someone when you are always together and you can sometimes get lazy...but when you can find ways to stay fresh even though you are apart, that is a great achievement.

We send each other little photos of what happens throughout our days (sometimes the most mundane things) and it makes us feel as though we're sharing the daily moments. It's very nice. Sometimes he will record a song he's listening to on the radio and send it to me.

The possibilities really are endless. You might find a whole new romance within each other.

(gentle love) My partner and I have created phone bonding rituals at the beginning of our phone calls during the week because we see each other on the weekends. We sing songs about connection, we breathe into each other hearts, we do appreciations. Each person comes up with the bonding ritual every other night.
It has been fun and sometimes we are really creative. I definitiely feel more connected.

(Marnia) Karezza's much easier with daily snuggling. After all, we evolved without email, cams, phones or florists, so those aren't the signals that primitive part of our brains benefit from to the same extent as artificial methods.

Some couples may have to wait to start karezza when they can be together more regularly. It can be hard to control yourself when you see each other infrequently.

(Curious fellow) During a long distance phase of one of my relationships, we would sometimes get into bed, call each other on the phone, and after some talk, we would just "enjoy some silence" for perhaps half an hour. In other words, just listen to each other breathe, and imagine snuggling together as we had previously when we were physically together. No masturbation or deliberate attempts to get each other sexually aroused was involved. Both of us noticed that we could "feel it", that is, during the phone snuggling it felt a lot like it had when we were physically together.

I believe that many of the same hormones - oxytocin, etc. - were produced during the phone snuggling as were produced during real-life snuggling. Oxytocin is produced in the brain... why does the body need to be involved?

Anyway, it was very enjoyable and probably helped to maintain the bond between us. I highly recommend it for long distance relationships.




Karezza over the phone

To me, it actually seems difficult to avoid masturbation when you are on the phone with your partner. I can only relate to a previous experience, when I had a long-distance relationship. We had actually started our relationship over the phone, and already during the second conversation, he seduced me to have sex with him. This was the very first intimate encounter for me with a man who was really interested in making me happy in bed. However, we did end with orgasm - he made me touch and stimulate myself, and he of course did the same and cummed at the end. These were very intense and pleasurable experiences for me. Later on, when we had real sexual encounters (we actually only had real intercourse one time during our relationship), it was not so nice, because we didn't have enough time.

So I really don't know what to do if I get married one day. Because I have such a hunger for intimacy; and I think I would "starve out" if my spouse wouldn't be with me for a few days. I think I would really want to engage in intimate conversations with him on the phone, and yes, also in having sex with him that way.

Well, I'm new to this site. I guess I still need to learn a lot!

that hunger and urgency goes away after a time

I felt that way too. Karezza fixes all that because you no longer feel a lack of enough. 

It's hard to picture that now but it really works that way.

I am male and masturbated constantly since I was a child and I stopped completely and never missed it. Only because of intense daily bonding with my wife and a lot of Karezza. At first I was hungry and needy for her all the time, but we got over that. I go on trips for business and so forth and it's fine. No desire to masturbate at all.