Surprise orgasms

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I have been practicing a version of karezza / western tantra for about 6 months now, usually going about 3 weeks between orgasms. (some vuluntary, some involuntary) There have been many ebbs and flows so far, sometimes it seems as if I'm drowning in sexual desire, othertimes seems this practice lowers my libido, but overall the results have been very positive for my partner and I - more balanced moods and more warmth and more happiness and very long beuaitufl love making sessions.

I have a recent problem where sometimes, out of nowhere, sometimes 5 minutes or sometimes 2 hours into a sex session, my arousal will spike from a 5 or 6 to a 9.5 almost instantly. Sometimes without even moving. Sometimes I can hold this orgasms back with kegel muscles, but other times there is a "mini-orgasm" where a little ejaculation occurs.

These orgasms are not as intense as a usual orgasm, and they don't seem to have much of a hangover emotionally, though they do decrease desire and inhibit erections almost immediately.

Has anyone in their "intermediate stages" of avoiding orgasm experienced this sudden ejaculation thing? Honestly it feels more like a cough or a sneeze than what I am used to thinking of orgasms feeling like. No buildup just sudden BOOM.

I hope to continue this practice and consider this part of it.

(reply) You are not alone

My partner has this happen, even after three years of karezza. Sometimes it has happened when we were doing nothing but snuggling. At least once it happened after we heard a slight click or pop in his back. He does not have wet dreams, so we just figure its functional, and it doesn't upset us.

(another reply) Same here~

(another reply) My beloved has experienced them, too (and it's been about three years for us, too). His eyes always open very wide when they happen and then we usually laugh. And continue on, lol~~

(another reply) Happened to me the other day. Guess it comes with the territory lol. It just happened almost out of nowhere. I was really surprised. It did have hangover type fallout too...




Because men (not women) are wired to "prematurely" ejaculate

There is no such thing as a "premature" female orgasm. Her level of desire need not decrease (the big fear here for HIM). But nature wants men to eject their semen and offers a hair trigger reflex to induce it.

Such is the sad life of Man. (Not Woman though which is why they all are bemused observers of the sad state of the male sex organ!)