Is there a way to minimize the hangover if you experience one?

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Time is the surest method. Women often seem to need longer than men to feel back in balance (if they notice a connection at all), but members of both sexes have occasionally reported recovery times of up to 15 days. Some people feel the effects for a shorter time, of course. And most people have both good and bad days during the cycle.

Learn how long the return to balance takes you, and it will help you be less reactive. You may find that the more consistent you are with karezza, the less fallout you experience. On the other hand, some people feel like hangovers sometimes gets worse...or perhaps just more noticeable, because their sense of wellbeing is so much stronger that they really notice any ripples.

Forum members report their methods for minimizing neurochemical ripples after inadvertent ejaculation:

(blissed) After one or two of my ejaculations (in 6.5 months) I felt a touch off balance, but the rest of the times I didn't notice much of anything at all -- either physically or emotionally. And each time I've tried to be especially open to and aware of any symptoms at all that I might see.

I think the main reason for very few ripples of any duration is because, after each ejaculation, to whatever degree possible, I have worked (with my darling wife) toward immediately minimizing the effects.

For example, one of my ejaculations happened on a work day about an hour before the alarm was due to go off. I went and washed up, came right back to bed, and put my chest together with my beloved's chest for 20 to 30 minutes and I could feel my energy and emotions come back into balance enough that I had an uneventful day at work and happy evening at home. When I had another ejaculation on a weekend morning, I went in and washed up, came right back to bed, and joined together scissors with my beloved until I felt better. We made love again later that day, and again early the next morning, and within 24 hours of the ejaculation I felt absolutely 100% and on top of the world physically and emotionally.

I also take the best male nutritional supplement that I'm aware of, to minimize the work my body has to do to replace and assimilate the nutrients I've lost in the ejaculation.

I think my beloved's support and acceptance of my not trying to ejaculate is important. Her love, support, and acceptance in helping me to come back into balance after an ejaculation also seems to make a big difference for me.

I would be happy to go the rest of my life without an ejaculation. But if I inadvertantly have one, I will use the tools I have to minimize the damage and get back to balance.

I like the analogy of the fire extinguisher beside the cook stove -- you hope you never have to use it, but if you do, it's there to help minimize any potential damage.

(Curious fellow) When I have the occasional orgasm, a couple things seem to help minimize the hangover effects:

1. Just lie still and let the orgasm happen; don't try to intensify the sensations.

2. If I feel some irritation with my wife in the following days, blame it on the orgasm, not on my wife! Really, that seems to make a big difference.

What's the best way to cope with an orgasm hangover?

A forum member asked:

I'm wondering what men in particular but also couples do to stay mindful during the hangover phase, to accept it, move through it quicker, etc.


1. Be kind and loving to yourself

2. It's a cycle. At these moments I welcome all parts of life:

  • heat wave one month,
  • cold and darkness on others,
  • rainy grey another,
  • sunshine and blue sky just another;
  • not a goal

3. I just figure that this is my brain on crack. Not really on crack, just kidding, but my brain altered by a fog or filter that affects my judgment and thoughts although I might not be aware of it. Just knowing that this period of time my thinking and judgment is not to be relied upon, and that it will be okay in a week...that is enough for me to get through it pretty well.

But as a practical matter, the key is LOTS of naked cuddling and bonding. That really takes the edge off and can bring things back to what they were. I have amazing feelings for my partner and after my last ejaculation "accident" the feelings came right back in a few days rather than a week. I experienced some down time and flat feelings and a bit of disappointment but the cuddling and bonding did their thing as they always do. This is THE key to the whole issue, I think.

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