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Karezza in casual sexual relationships

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(Clarity) A few weeks ago I experienced new levels of sexual bliss. He and I had been interested in each other for a year, but live far apart. We only see each other at an annual conference. He knew about my sexual practice and researched and read up on it. We very quickly found ourselves in bed and I moved into his hotel room with him. Even with all the other things we had to do, we spent five hours in connection over the course of two days. We both found in each other someone who was willing to try things nobody else had ever wanted to explore.

Tips for beginners

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(maso - male) Saying 'no orgasms ever again' would probably freak anybody out. But you are not really doing that, sometimes orgasms happen and you can also decide to have one. When we first started, physically missing an orgasm was hard and often unsuccessful. Sometimes even now it can be uncomfortable at times. Blue balls is a real feeling. It’s not like someone kicked you in the nuts, more like an achy swollen feeling and it’s uncomfortable. It is also part psychological because you know how to cure the feeling, shoot your load.

Karezza as energetic/spiritual practice

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(Louie) Sexual energy is potent stuff. If you decide to retain semen then it is going to build up in your system. My kundalini syndrome [uncomfortable symptoms] happened because I was hoarding up sexual energy. There got to be too much of it in my system. It was literally cooking me from the inside. I learned from that experience that energy has to move. If you do not allow it to move in ways that are natural, then it will find unnatural ways to move.

Husband in orgasmic marriage discovers karezza

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6-30 After being married for 25 years (we are in our late 50s) this is a new one for us. I must say it is different, a good different. Before Karezza my wife and I had what I consider to be a great sex life, orgasm driven and goal oriented though it was. We had sex about every other day with mutual orgasm about twice a week and me orgasming every time, that was always the goal, orgasm. Me hoping she would cum, her hoping I would cum, her hoping she would cum, you know the drill. Although my wife only orgasmed once maybe twice weekly I always felt like I needed to do more to get her to cum more often.

Anyone have lubricant suggestions?

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Jojoba oil - (Quizure) My partner and I both were irritated by this oil. It put us out of commission for a number of days. Now we just use all natural, unprocessed, SPIT! It's Paleo! UPDATE: We tried a lot of things, but have settled on a product called inessents organic cocoa butter. Spill proof, but slightly creamy, and smells wonderful. You can't spill it, or drip it on things, which happened too often with liquid oils, at least for us. I also now have a sexual response to the smell of the cocoa butter. :) Even at 55, I'm still trainable. :)

Bonding Behaviors during a relationship

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(Anonymous, via PM) I'm female, married, and just went/am going through a very difficult time with my husband (don't really know where we stand completely yet). I found your information about bonding behavior and in two weeks we went from not talking, and him planning to leave, to this morning we ...well it's better, is all I'll say.

(Maso) My girlfriend said, “What do I do when I catch you looking at other girls?’’

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Make a smartass remark, clear your throat, glare at me a little?”

Husband - mini rebooting account and Karezza account

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This is a story of my going from porn and masturbation and occasional ED to no porn, no masturbation, no ejaculations, no ED and wonderful sex and an even better life than before (and it was good before.)

When I started on this journey I was masturbating to porn maybe 3 to 6 times a week. I had been using porn since I was maybe 13 or so. Thankfully I never got into video porn. But even at age 13, one of the first erotic novels I read was one that had a lot of spanking and discipline stuff and this appealed to me hugely.

Karezza Journeys

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We've decided to start collecting cohesive accounts of people's experiences in incorporating karezza into their sex lives for the benefit of other visitors.

If you would like to contribute a description of your experience, add it in the Comments below and it will be transferred it to a separate page.

Karezza Journeys: