Day 11--calmer. Red X working too

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Just checking in after being wound up and craving yesterday. First I have to say that so much of the material here and at YBOP is tremendous useful and practical. I find blogging here,and reading other people's blogs and topics rivals the allure of porn and m. I think it helps me connect to something bigger than me, which is what my addiction does too. But this is much healthier and happier.
I had a great night last night with family and an enjoyable day today too at work, with family, and socializing with neighbours.
I'm not experiencing any desire for my wife now, in fact I have to let go of some critical thoughts I have about some weight gain on her part; but I am enjoying her company and I still think she looks cute.
Oh yeah, and the Red X technique that Marnia sent me the link for surprisingly works !
Thanks all