Day 4- wife not on board, I'm hoping to re-bond and re-boot

Submitted by Kevin on
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Just checking in. It's been a pretty good week in terms of work, and feeling good, looking good.
My job winds down for the summer, which helps. But I'm feeling a lot better now that I've recommitted to the re-boot.
One thing: my partner's not on board. She was surprised to see me re-reading CPA, and made a comment.
I'd really like to get through the two week cycle with just some bonding behaviors but she developed a nasty cold just after our last 'hot' session, and I'm finding her less appealing (heavier 8 months after childbirth, and she's eating lots of sugar and carbs).
In other words,I'm not finding her that appealing.
I'll need to check in, because when I get to around ten days of abstinence, my reasoning skills weaken and I often initiate 'hot'sex at our expense, which sets us back again.
Hopefully I'll steer into calmer waters.