Fresh start---pride before the fall-Lord, it's hard to be humble, i get better looking everyday

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Well, I just had about 33-35 days of no PMO.
It went well, I was feeling really good, my work, athletic training, wit, and confidence were all on the upswing.
I also switched to a much better diet, and felt I was contributing more to my family and career, as well as my faith practice.
However, this is part of my challenge: Ego, pride. I start feeling too good, women start noticing me more and commenting on my appearance (re, looking good) and then suddenly I think Im a celebrity and my own wife doesn't measure up, she's too heavy etc, and I get critical of her. Then, feeling proud and resentful, I saw a picture of a foxy young woman in the newspaper, dressed sexy, then I went home, looked at porn and lost it to PMO.

It was good in a way; it lead me to having a peaceful and frank talk with my wife last night. Finally, after nearly two years, she agreed that we need to schedule cuddle times together, because she has a very busy schedule. So I'm glad for that.
I also looked at some pictures of her from a few years ago when she was fit, and realized she is still a gorgeous woman, just overweight now.

Overall, that's a challenge for me. Compliments go to my head, humility is tough for me to grasp. But to be in a relationship with someone, it is essential.
Anyone have any feedback?


Good call

on the daily bonding behaviors. Maybe ease back into karezza too.

Feeling more satisfied at home should help ease the hunger for novelty. And the more "whole" she feels the less impulsive eating she may do.

BTW, good job on all that time porn-free. You got a taste of the benefits. That should help your motivation. Did you read this advice from another forum?