Premature ejaculation?

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Hi all,
Just had sex with my partner again, we were kissing a bit and she said ' put it in' so I obliged. We were going slow but deep, and after a few pleasurable minutes I suddenly ejaculated. I was disappointed because I want to conserve my semen. I think maybe I'm going into hard and straining a bit when maybe I should relax more and be looser and limpet about it. I have no problem with erections, just the fact that the sensation is so pleasurable I ejaculate quicker than I'd like, when in fact I'd rather not ejaculate at all.
Any tips ?




I had some thoughts for you but wanted to ask a few questions first. Have you been attempting non-orgasmic love making for long? Is your partner on board with this and is she abstaining as well?


Yes, I've been trying a while but I tend to forget myself ... My partner's not really on board with it. I think I have to steer the ship here so to speak.

Teach her what orgasms do to

Teach her what orgasms do to the human brain. Encourage to try some cuddling sessions, and try non- goal orgasmic sex and focus on the more intimate moment you two have rather than straight orgasm. It's going to be tough teaching someone about alternative ways to have sex when all they are taught growing up or experienced is orgasm or goal-oriented sex.

Being a pilot

Steering the ship can be a good thing, guys are built for this. Introducing karezza is a great place to apply masculine direction. Its the way I started with my wife. It was something I wanted to do and I just started doing it. I didnt tell her what she should do, only asked her to stop or go slow when I was getting to close to the edge. She was fine with that as long as I didnt scream "stop" or "slow" too often, which I didnt. It only took her about a month to, very much, like what I was doing. The rest is history.

Believe me, she will love it when she discovers what your non-orgasmic capacity will offer her.

A couple thoughts for you. First, as you practice non-orgasmic love making and not discharging your masculine sexual energy, you start the encounter with a lot more energy. A guy just starting this journey needs to be extra mindful as you begin love making because your energy can spike and send you over the edge unexpectedly. What you are used to has changed. I suggest you enter her quite slowly, little by little. When you are fully in, rest there a bit, not enough to go soft, but enough to get acclimated. Being inside a woman is a divinely intoxicating place and sometimes a little overwhelming. You new level of awareness requires extra focus. Think of it like getting into a very hot bath. You wouldnt just jump in, but step in slowly as you adjust to the temperature. With non-orgasmic love making you are beginning with more sensitivity which means more awareness. By the way, once she gets on board the energy level will increase a lot more and then you really need to pay attention. You're in for a beautiful ride. If she says she doesnt like it or worried shes not satisfying you, just stay the course. At some point she will be very happy you did.


Some helpful suggestions here. Your words inspire me to stay the course.
I'm already feeling more calm and stable, not to mention confident. This is a good path to be on.