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Back to day two on the orgasm. Been a few weeks no porn or masturbation, and only one full orgasm in last few weeks too.
This one happened Sunday night after our guests left. My wife was suddenly passionate, I think because she really enjoyed having her friends over. Anyways, the sex got pretty hot, and eventually I ejaculated in her. I jokingly blame it on her because of all her moaning and everything, but really it's me getting too into it. It reminds me of the suggestion of having sex on a schedule, because- and I think it's mentioned in Cupid, when the woman randomly wants to have sex the guy gets too excited, because unconsciously his biology is telling him to give it everything he's got because who knows when he'll get another opportunity again.
So we talked about a schedule last night. It looks like Wednesday and Saturday are something we both agree on. We'll see how it goes.
On a plus side, I didn't notice any orgasmic fallout in either of us yesterday--there was a bit during the day, but later we cuddled in front of the tv and were both very comfortable and happy together. We complimented each other a lot too.
I did take lots of vitamin supplements yesterday because I did my long run. The supplements help too.
Last night was rough though because baby has a bad cold and was crying a lot, so I came down to sleep on couch. Off to work soon.
I'll monitor my recovery.
Oh, good news, another couple were friends with noticed the Cupid book and another karezza book at our gathering. They're curious. Maybe they'll begin practicing it and we can compare notes, ha ha.