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Day 2

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I just want to record my observations coming out of the passion cycle. Today is feb 5, and my wife and I had a few days on an intense passion cycle, which admittedly was fun while it was going on. It ended Feb 3. Alas, what goes up must come down, and today there is a noticeable dip in enthusiasm and joy. She even complained of being bored, which is unusual.
I'm observing my own neediness, but trying not to act in it too much ( ie, wanting to be reassured that she loves me, etc)

I never thought I'd complain about this, but..

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My wife is sexy, sensual, erotic. When we start kissing its not long before she's moaning, etc. I get extremely aroused by it all. Also, when intercourse starts, she makes comments like 'harder' etc, which just blows my mind. And the physical sensation is intense. I've talked to her about karezza and the book (Cupid) but she's not really a reader type. She says she doesn't get any unpleasant after effects from orgasm. I think we do, but they are subtle.