Day 1 no PMO - Thoughts, sunshine, junk food

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Lately I've only been writing here about once a week, but now I'm thinking I should do it every day. It's a simple way to stay more focused on the goal.

We got a few hours of bright sunshine today, and for those few hours, I actually felt like something resembling normal. Then it made me realize I hadn't seen the sun in a week or more (against my will, cloudy all week). I've always had very strong mood reactions to weather and I've come to realize that I need to live in a warmer, sunnier place. I've wanted to move for years now, but never had the means--it's getting to the point where I'll take almost any job just to save money for a move.

For some unknown reason, I've had almost no junk food cravings today. I hope this lasts. I've been trying to burn off some weight but the cravings have always won out. Maybe the sun helped with that too?

Creativity is nowhere to be found today, so I have to stop here. Got nothing else.


Thanks guys

I've tried vitamin D3 in previous winters but found that it made no difference at all--except that taking it correlated with getting headaches sometimes, but that could have been something else. Anyway, I still have some left over, so maybe I'll try it again just to finish it off.