Day 4 - Job searching and a case of jerk-itis

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Continuing with my daily blog posts, here are yet more random thoughts.

I feel like I've inadvertently been coming across as a jerk lately. Not necessarily here, but namely in real life encounters and facebook. I say this because I have noticed people reacting very strongly and defensively any time I write something that amounts to a personal opinion. Am I a jerk, or do people really feel that threatened by the opinions of others? Actually, I see the defensive responses as a GOOD sign--it means I am showing strength and security in my own positions. Or, is that just the jerk-brain within me talking? It's too early to tell. I truly hope it is the former.

I have found a strange comfort in watching certain older TV shows via Netflix. Not sure why that is so comforting, but I welcome anything that helps me get through these tough earlier days of withdrawal.

As my confidence slowly begins to return, it has occurred to me that my ability to sell myself when searching for jobs basically sucks. My resumes have all had this air of insecurity in them which I am beginning to see now. Tonight, I began updating my resume with "power language"--it's really a new thing to be thinking this way, to sell my skills with confidence. I don't have to be perfect at what I do, and I don't have to be totally free of mistakes--I only need to maintain absolute confidence in my abilities and present myself this way to employers. The difference is amazing--when I read back the changes I've made, I look like a completely transformed person!

Thanks, everybody, for reading this and providing a venue where I can express these things. This blog is not only about PMO, but it also helps me learn how to express my true self, and I find that very valuable.


For the resume, you mean?

Sure, here's a "before": "My activities since graduation have mostly included X, Y, and Z, with an emphasis on using X to build a Z widget..." blah blah blah, run-on me-focused sentence. I changed it to something like this: "With my education in X, my experience in self-employed Y, and career path focused on the Z industry, I am well-suited to produce value for any company that seeks to break the mold, stand out among the competition, and wow their clients with unprecedented quality."

Not saying it's perfect, and I feel I have a lot to learn still, but I think that's quite an improvement over what I had before.

You certainly aren't a jerk

but both Gary and I find that we inadvertently rub people the wrong way sometimes during the days after orgasm (more during week 2 for me). Not sure what it is, but our finesse seems to evaporate...unbeknownst to us. So the same thing could be happening to you without your awareness.

On this planet, our tendency to project our feelings outward always makes it seem like the cause of any hurt feelings lies elsewhere. angry