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10 weeks no MO, 11 weeks no P!! :-)

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Not even thinking about whacking these days. That seems like it would be a weird activity. My mind is fully aligned on the challenge of real life sex. That's where orgasms and other sexual pleasure come from, and that is the destination for which I set my sails. Oh, and yeah, I've arrived a few times Wink Stayed hard, even through condom shenanigans.

ED feedback

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For those asking about ED - I guess I used to have pre-emptive ED. That is, I knew I would get ED, especially if I knew I'd need to use a condom, so I wouldn't even go for sex, well actually I wouldn't even pursue a girl. Two months ago, however, I did end up somehow in bed with a hot girl and no erection, which I found humiliating and found my way here. Short story - yeah, probably would have had more ED if I hadn't avoided sex through fear of it.

Thanks again so much to Marnia and Gary, and everyone who has shared their stories/thoughts/wisdom!

This is the path.


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I was grumpy/lackluster/tired for the 4 days following sex. I suspect that after the orgasm, my brain is expecting a return to regular, daily or more orgasms to porn, like it used to get.

Successful sex - day 57 :-)

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Short story:

Day 57 of no MO, day 64 of no P - successful, great, 'normal' sex, with condom.

History: I've never liked using condoms - frequently never got around to sex because I'd lose erection even thinking about having to get one out and use it. Frequently lost erection putting the condom on. Frequently lost erection once inside.

What this whole process is about

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I originally wrote this as a reply in another thread, but it didn't quite fit there, so I'm putting it here instead..

You built a harem..

You know those science fiction comedies where a couple of teenagers somehow build themselves an ideal robot woman in their basement and fall in love with her? PMO is like that, except that it's just one guy, and he's built himself a whole harem of unfeasibly hot women.

How quitting PMO leads to greater success with women

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Ha - that title sounds so cheesy Smile

I actually wanted to talk about the micro processes that go on, as I've been observing them closely over the past 8 weeks. By understanding the micro processes, it becomes possible to see clearly why quitting PMO so frequently leads to better results with women.

We can break the effects of quitting PMO down into 2 separate areas - effects on self and effects on women.

Effects on self

8 weeks no MO, 9 weeks no P! HOLY CRAP! Contains mood chart and graphs

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Holy crap! I'm not sure where to begin so I'll just dive in.


I've been scoring mood on a 0-10 scale. 0 is absolutely shitty, 10 is completely awesome. 8 is solidly great. Imagine you're driving a BMW at 80mph down the freeway. You can hear its engine purring away happily and powerfully, cruising, but knowing it could easily push up to 120mph if it wanted to. 8/10 is when your engine feels like that engine - powerful, happy, cruising.

Interesting graphs of last 7 weeks' mood

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I've done 3 graphs, mood on y-axis, day since last MO on x-axis. First is the raw data, not surprisingly very choppy. Shows non-linearity nicely Smile The other two are rolling 3 day average and rolling 6 day average. Non-linearity still apparent.
Note: I didn't know what to put for the first 5 days because they were all over the place, so I just put alternating 8 and 0.

Raw data

7 full weeks of no MO, 8 full weeks of no P :-) Mood chart.

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So yeah, mood chart. Gonna make a separate post with some graphs of this to make it clearer.

Days 1-5. Very horny, sexually frustrated
Days 6-11. Completely dead sexually. Very glum, low, sad. Give it 0/10.
Day 12. 1.5/10
Day 13. Almost back to fully glum. 0.5/10
Day 14. 2/10
Day 15. 5/10
Day 16. 4/10
Day 17. 4/10
Day 18. 5/10
Day 19. 5/10
Day 20. 6/10
Day 21. 6/10 to 8/10
Day 22. 0/10 (day after a date - felt a bit thrown into disarray.)
Day 23. 5/10
Day 24. 7/10
Day 25. 8/10
Day 26. 8/10
Day 27. 8/10
Day 28. 6/10
Day 29. 8/10 -> 4/10
Day 30. 5/10