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Day 28 of Reboot 2

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Had to write about this one.

Yesterday, Day 27, about an hour or less before bed, I fell into a deep "spell of lust". That is the best way for me to describe it. It was strange and almost uncontrollable. I believe it was due to the some partial nudity I saw on an HBO show, and because one of my close friends is hosting websites.

He didn't warn me that the website was just drugs and sexy-nude women. I took a look, X-ed out, and told him not to send me things like that. We chatted for a while about some of the girls we know from school, and it took me to

Im on Day 17

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The night before last, I had another wet dream. Still no sex in the dream that I can remember, I suspect it was due to a protein shake near bedtime. That evening I was having problems falling asleep and was rolling around a bunch...I kinda wanted a wet dream too, now that I think about it.

I was slowly descending onto a celebrity, that I do not even like that much.

Dreams are more vivid nowadays.

Last night I had a crazy, multi-part, dream. It wasn't a very fun dream, nor something that could happen in real life, but it was realistic and ridiculous.

Day 7.

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Last night I had my first wet dream of this reboot. It was not even graphic. I was flirting with a girl I know, who I have not seen in months and did not even sex her. She rubbed her butt on me, while completely clothed.

It was interesting. I expected one within this first week, as that is what happened with me in my last reboot.

My urges are strong, as usual, but I have goals in mind and will not break. Also, I know how empowered I feel when I withhold.

Good luck brothers & sisters.



The New Day 1...

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After a month of relapsing (which came after my 2months of abstinence) I am back. I realized I need to post here early in the day, before any foolishness.

It is a new day and I need to get back on the right path again.


Round 2- Day 1

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After the weekend of the 27th I came back from a fun trip and indulged. I have been failing all week and decided to post today as my official day one.

* Never go back on the stuff gentlemen/ladies. Its hard to stay away *

Im back, lets do it. I look down upon failure.

Resetting. MO'd yesterday

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After a very crazy weekend partying with my friends, and getting creepy on the lovely, costumed, ladies of Ohio University, I was bursting with energy.

I fapped. From September 3 all the way to October 27, I did not spill any seed, other than in wet dreams. I did not watch porn.

Touching myself was fun, and releasing felt good, but not as good I thought it would. Truly, I like retaining my mojo, and I believe it is something I am going to practice.

Day 47. So thirsty

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It is day 47 and things are seemingly going well. I am so in need sexually that I keep thinking about how I can find a way to get a chick to do something with me.

I have no ladies and I am freaking out. My urges to touch myself are getting stronger than they have been during this whole process. On a related side note, I am starting to get a huge vein in the side of my head. I am not sure if it has to do with stress/my no PMO stint, but it looks interesting.

6 Weeks and Counting

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Not too much has changed.

The cravings to touch myself are stronger than ever before...sometimes I sit for minutes on end, just toiling.

I still cannot get an erection just from touch, unless it is in the morning and I have something to start with. My mornings, since I am on the topic, are somewhat erect. They last a little, but go down when I mentally pay attention to them

Just needed to post something to take the edge off. I know that if things are tougher now, after being so easy, I am near the end.