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Just going to write a few observations I've had over the last couple of days. Maybe some of you have experienced similar. Please let me know if you have.

The last few mornings have been very difficult in terms of sexual feelings. I get slight erections at the moment when I wake up, but my emotions are all over the place.

Also, when I do get an erection throughout the day, sometimes, it is a lot harder in the middle of my penis than before. It actually hurts when it goes that hard. Before, I'd get an erection, and it'd feel hard, but in the middle of the fleshy bit, it would still feel 'soft' (difficult to explain). Now it's rock solid and it hurts.

Got some brain fog at the moment too. Don't know whether it's due to lack of sleep, sexual feelings whizzing around or both.

The skin on my penis is feeling softer anyway, although it is shrivelling on the top, revealing the fleshy bit. Don't know why it's doing that. Perhaps it's healing physically.

Onwards and upwards.


We've heard other guys

talk about penis pain and skin changes, so you're not alone. If you were ejaculating with a partially flaccid penis while using porn frequently, I guess it makes sense that returning to normal circumference (now) would be an...adjustment. Kind of like working out muscles you haven't worked out in a while.