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Well, today was a bit tougher. I usually masturbate around about now, but I'm not going to.

Also got a very beautiful girl at work who is new, and that isn't helping. She's around my age too. I'm objectifying her too much. Need to snap out of it.

I had a vivid memory about myself aged 11, and what it felt like to masturbate for the first time. Those nerves of excitement, my whole body tensing, pulsating in cold and warm sweat. Those are the feelings I need back. Those same feelings have distinguished over time until they've been non-existent for years. Now imagine being able to do that with a girl that I love and care about. It's serving as motivation on top the possibiity of restoring my memory.

Onto Day 3, the time I'd consider turbulent because as I mentioned yesterday, I masturbate every 2-3 days in 'sessions' which lasted from 1.5hrs to 3hrs.

Onwards and upwards.