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I can't believe I've gone over a week without releasing my bodily fluid. It's busting in there alright, but I've got to keep it in (unless it's via a wet dream).

It's crazy how much I glanced at every poster of a hot girl in the shopping centre (town for UK folks) or struggling to avoid staring at pretty girls walking past. When I have been getting erections today, they're really strong, and my penis is much longer.

It hasn't stopped my sexual emotions being super high, despite a long walk, socialising, reading, studying, games. Exercise in particular seems to make things worse (increase in testosterone perhaps?)

I need my emotions to stabilise quickly, because I am so horny right now.


All sounds normal i've had

All sounds normal i've had these feelings too. Particularly I watched a lot of pretty girls and even sometimes fantasised about them sexually.

I can tell you that these sort of things start to go afte a while and get easier. Nice to see you are taking action, best, derobe

I'm pleased to hear that.

I hope it does get easier. Very difficult to imagine something so "important" in your life beginning to take a back seat.

It's coping with stress that I'm finding difficult. Masturbation and porn was always an escape. Now I'm doing different things, and my mind isn't sure how to respond to it.