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I can't believe I've gone over a week without releasing my bodily fluid. It's busting in there alright, but I've got to keep it in (unless it's via a wet dream).

It's crazy how much I glanced at every poster of a hot girl in the shopping centre (town for UK folks) or struggling to avoid staring at pretty girls walking past. When I have been getting erections today, they're really strong, and my penis is much longer.


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I was meant to write this last night, but I completely forgot.

Fantasies going into overboard. Caught a glimpse of some erotic images and quickly switched them off. It's been a whole week and my penis is tingling. The skin is even wrinkled at the tip, revealing a bit of the fleshy bit. It always happens when I don't masturbate for a while. Also struggle to get erections at will. I think I'm in the flatlining phase. I wake up and I'm not erect.


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Much more difficult day in terms of fantasies and trying to escape the severity of the letter I received a few days ago.

Tomorrow, I actually have nothing to do to kill off time. I could study for an hour, play on my game, read a book, but all of that will cause my mind to drift toward D-Day (Tuesday).

Just writing this to hold myself accountable. Tomorrow will be one week without PMO. Onwards and upwards.


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Today was a little bit of an eye opener in view of the longer term benefits of no PMO.

I was at work today, and I felt happier in conversation. My reactions were one of happier feelings and smiling more. For a few minutes during an important discussion with the boss, my mind was sharper, and it enabled me to ask some critical questions.

I still feel tired and stressed out about the letter, which I'll find out about on Tuesday. After that (hopefully, a positive conclusion), I can evaluate how my body is so far.

Onwards and upwards.


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Onto Day 4, the most difficult of them all so far. Fantasies keep seeping into my mind even when I'm keeping active.

I've also been really stressed today about a letter I received about some money. It's very strongly worded, and I have no idea whether it is a review or an interrogation. Needless to say, that is my weekend and Monday well and truly ruined. It is times like this when PMO would be a cop out for me. The anxiety is unbelievable. I'm so used to numb feelings that I'm not coping very well with my first test of stress.


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Today was very difficult. Lots of fantasy, yet I am struggling to get an erection. Brain fog, depression, anxiety all still there. Not expecting it to for a while, but we shall see.

Found myself contemplating whether to masturbate, but decided against it. Tomorrow is Day 4, and that is when things could get very interesting.

Onwards and upwards.


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Well, today just felt like a normal day after porn and masturbation. Sluggish, brain fog, depression, lack of concentration, thoughts drifting to what porn I should watch etc.

To be honest, I'm expecting the next couple of days to be bearable, as I used to give myself 2-3 day gaps between actual masturbation 'sessions'. So really, Day 4 is likely to be the start of the real challenging aspect of this, since my body will be wondering why it isn't flushing out the white stuff.

So all in all, a normal day, but I'm blogging as a means of accountability.


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Hi folks,

I'm creating this blog entry as a means of restarting a challenge I was meant to undertake from January 1st 2012 as part of a 2012 CHALLENGE.

I managed to last a full month before giving in to my physical urges. (You can view my previous blogs and full background from 2012).

However, I am at a point in my life where I have really noticed a decline in my attitude, memory and skin, which is a worry. My memory is the worst. I have an exam in June, and the state of my brain is scary. It's worse than the majority of 60 year olds I know.

2012 CHALLENGE - January 20th - DAY 20 / 365

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Had a bit of a blip today. Clicked a pop-up by accident which started playing porn. I froze for a while in shock until I realised what it was, then I clicked off it. Had a banging headache straight after which disappeared five minutes later.

I've got such an appetite right now, I think I've put on weight. Starting my studies next week (distance learning) which will kill off a large chunk of time. I hope to hear back from job applications soon too.

Tomorrow will be my last daily blog before moving onto a weekly blog.