Prostate surgery

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Had prostate surgery 2 years ago & can not obtain N erection. Looking for advice as to how to proceed with karrezza? Or any advice.
Your in Peace, lmbjless



Hi Lmbjless !! Welcome to Reuniting !!

My wife and I have made love daily with a soft penis for over 3 years and gotten wonderful results.

A good way to start is in the scissors position.

Walnut oil works great to make soft entry easier.

Please read the posts on my blog for a lot more details -- I've tried to be very detailed in every post.

All the best !!

hi there.

I once read a story about a man who had an injury and and had surgery down there in his private parts.

and his doctor actually said to the man that he had to get blood circulating down there again. he said 'use it or loose it'

So from what I remember reading this guy had to reteach his mind to achieve erections from being attracted to visuals and make that mind body connection all over again.

it's was strange because - this was about 10 years ago and I was looking for info on addiction and this guy actually had the opposite problem.

the doctor even suggested consistent sex (orgasmic sex) and other methods that actually go against karezza unfortunately. but the idea being to get blood circulating down there...

i don't know if this helps...but just my two cents