Hormone Benefits of Kissing

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This is a short update to pass on an article that I recently read about kissing ...


Back in November I pledged to give up masturbation. Since then my wife has become very keen to kiss me as often as she can. My guess is that my testosterone levels have risen and she is getting some of it from me when we kiss.

For those who do not have time to read the article, it basically says that kissing has two key benefits. One is that both partners get a boost of oxytocin. The other is that the male passes some testosterone to the female in his saliva. This boosts her interest in sex. Testosterone controls the libido in both men and women, but men naturally have more of it.

So, kissing is a great way to get in the mood for sex. It relaxes both of you, and raises her level of sex hormones.



Women and Kissing

I have read a few articles on kissing over the past few days and also some comments from women who responded to the articles. The comments can be summarized as follows:

Women like kissing. They REALLY like it. They REALLY, REALLY like it.

Some women consider a good make out session to be more intimate than sex. Of course, they may be talking about the "close your eyes and think of England" kind of service sex. However, it was interesting to hear that.

I would expect that a good karezza session would involve lots of kissing so its the best of the both worlds.

Tongue kissing

There are times when tongue kissing can take my lover right over the edge into orgasm if we are not careful~~I think there must be a direct line between the tongue and the genitals~~ Smile