Lacking motivation to move forward right now

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I am at an odd point in my growth it seems.

On one hand, I know that karezza is something that my marriage needs. On the other hand, I am not all that motivated to do it right now.

My sex drive is quite low since I decided to reboot from M. In fact, my energy in general is low. I just feel like I want to be alone much of the time. Is this part of the reboot process?

Yesterday my wife came into the bathroom naked to get in the bath. I felt only a mild stirring of desire. Mostly, the response to seeing her naked was flat.

I suppose that I will just have to ride this out for now and have faith that things will pick up again. If my energy does not pick up in the next few weeks then perhaps I will have to move forward anyway. I will not allow it to go on forever.


I think that I am going to take a break from posting here for a while. I have been obsessing about karezza too much. I need a break from it. My body is rebooting and I am going to let my mind reboot too. I will be back.



it sounds just like flatline

it is how I used to feel when I tried to quit masturbation. In fact it is also how I felt when I quit smoking weed and when I quite drinking alcohol. I'm sure when I give up chocolate it will be the same way (but some prices are too high to pay LOL.)

Just keep cuddling with your wife and you'll get through this quickly, most likely.

Interestingly I didn't suffer from this when I stopped orgasms. I thought it was fascinating. I had this habit since being maybe 8 or 9 and BAM it's done and I didn't suffer at all.

But the reason is, I was having Karezza sex with my wife. I think this made all the difference, now that I know more and look back at that time. I was (and am) amazing how easy it was to give up orgasms completely. I've had one this entire year and I never did flatline.


Hello , I understand.

Masturbation takes away all the sex drive , Even the most beautiful women looking naked in front of you will not ignite desire if you are completely pleased (MASTURBATING) So no sexual drive. I read In a book that if you try 30 days of no masturbation , you will really see and understand how much sexual drive is inside you , How much energy And positivism.

I hope you get well.
I started a blog today of no more masturbation for 30 days. Lets se what happens.


I am committed to leaving masturbation and fantasy in the past. I need to do this in order to reclaim my personal power. If it means that I need to go throigh a flat line/reboot period for a while than so be it. My wife is not exactly beating down the door to get sex so I can afford the time :)

I am just going to relax and let things be for a while. My sex drive will come back in a healthy and natural way. My wife will show interest again. All of these things will sort themselves out so I am not worried about them.

Onward and upward.