The Most Bizzare Thing Happened Last Night

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I am currently rebooting from a lifelong habit of fantasy driven M. I was up to day 15 after deciding to go cold turkey. Last night at about 3:30AM I had a really good dream about my wife and ejaculated in my sleep. No big deal on that. I knew it was a possibility and I am not fazed by it. That is not the bizzare part.

The bizzare part is that when I came back to bed I noticed that my wife was lying on her back with her legs spread. She never sleeps like that. In any case, I went back to sleep.

This morning at the breakfast table my wife sat down and put her hand on her groin. She said that she felt swollen down there. I asked her to elaborate. She said that her clitoris and the opening of the vagina felt irritated as if they had been over stimulated. I was thunder struck. I had not intended to tell her about my middle of the night adventure, but the coincidence was so amazing that I had to tell her. She laughed and said "Were we having chi sex or something?" I said "I don't know." Then we both laughed again. It was just too bizzare.

It may be a total coincidence, but I still think it is amazing. I think I will have to write to Michale Richardson and ask him if he has ever heard of such a thing before.



Ha ha!

Maybe she'll decide she might as well engage in the full monty if your dream selves are going to get up to such things. Wink

Back on the horse

I am a bit bummed that I had a wet dream. However, I intend to get right back on the horse again. I am still committed to no M.

My wife thought it was very funny that I was so open about having had a wet dream. She said "most men would find this no-ejaculation experiment of yours to be very strange."

I replied that different people have different ambitions. Some people want to make lots of money. Some people want to have lots of power. I just want to get my sexual self reigned in. I don't think that is unreasonable.

She gave me a look of baffled affection. It was the kind of look that says "you are so wierd, and I love you for it." It is finally dawning on her that I am not on the same page as the average man any more.


you were sleeping, she was sleeping, and you had nocturnal intercourse ...?

To me that is what it sounds like happened.

But in any event, in my experience when my partner says it's strange, it also means she doubts that I'll follow through with it.


We had clothes on

There was no intercourse. We both had clothes on. I am sure that it was just an interesting coincidence that we both had sexual experiences in our dreams.

She absolutely does not believe that I will follow through on any of this. That stance of hers will not change until she starts seeing concrete evidence. However, she is intrigued now.

Sleep humping, with and without clothes.

My partner used to do this to me, in the early years of us sleeping together. I generally woke up partway through. He was not awake at all, while he was doing it. Being sore afterwards only happened clothed.

This hasn't happened, uh, that I am aware of, in about 18 years. We don't wear clothes to bed anymore, so maybe it still does, and I just don't wake up. LOL!


No humping

There is not a chance in hell that either of us would sleep through something like that. We are not hard sleepers.

In my case it was a wet dream pure and simple. I woke up on my back, on my side of the bed, in my pajamas. I changed pajamas and came back. That was when I noticed that she was on her back as well.

In my dream she climbed on top of me to have sex, but I seriously doubt that she could have accomplished that in her sleep without both of us waking up, and she was not on top of me when I woke up. I do not think that anything phsyical happened at all. It was all in our respective heads. It is just an odd coincidence that we were both doing it on the same night ... unless the energy of one of us influneced the other. That is the best explantion that I can come up with.

I was just relating my old experiences,

not accusing you, or her, of anything. Just that it has happened to someone, some where, and that it wouldn't be too strange if it did happen to you.


"It's strange that words are so inadequate. Yet, like the asthmatic struggling for breath, so the lover must struggle for words." T.S. Eliot.


Sounds like there's nothing wrong with either of your bodys.

Now just need to get the minds out of the way Wink


>She said "most men would find this no-ejaculation experiment of yours to be very strange."

I really think you two need to talk about CPA. I have no idea how many copys are in print, but at the very least thousands and that says that while it might be unconventional /it is not strange/.

If what shes thinking is that you are proposing ordinary sex minus orgasm, then rightfully enough, id be sceptical too. Bloody skeptical.

Louie one thing that really surprised me was how overwhelming those first sessions actually were. I almost thought to myself shit am i really up for this level of intimacy. To be honest it scared the living daylights out of me.


If what shes thinking is that you are proposing ordinary sex minus orgasm, then rightfully enough, id be sceptical too. Bloody skeptical.

That is exactly what she thinks. We have discussed CPA, but right now it is all just a theory. Her opinion will change once it gets going.

probably not coincidence

Whoever started dreaming first may have made sounds, movements and smells that were picked up by the other and triggered a dream in them. And perhaps something happened the previous day or evening that made you both prone to sexual dreams. Anyway, sounds like a kind of fun experience.

I remember a conversation I had with my wife before we were married. I speculated that perhaps we both talked in our sleep without knowing it. And maybe after we got married we might have some great conversations while we were asleep, and not remember any of it when we woke up in the morning! Smile

Dream sex

Hae you considered the possibility you might have met and made love in the dream world? It seems by far the most likely explanation to me. I've met my (dead) father enough times when sleeping to be confident we go somewhere pretty extraordinary, and far from unique to us, when 'unconscious'.


>It seems by far the most likely explanation to me
Extraordinary claims require exraordinary evidence!

Yes, but...

My favorite comment at the end of this article is:

As a physician and medical researcher I was absolutely astounded to learn that Dr. Eben Alexander has proven that Heaven is real. My skeptical science-based professors had convinced me that consciousness ends when the brain dies but it is now clear that they were all wrong and there is indeed life after death. How wonderful that humans get to live forever. 70 or 80 years on earth and then billions of years in blissful heaven. Isn't that great! Hopefully, Dr. Alexander will now determine if Hell is also real and, if so, exactly which religion must be chosen to assure eternal bliss rather than eternal damnation. All kidding aside, I was shocked that Newsweek would publish such nonsense. I heard today that Newsweek will no longer publish a print edition. That seems appropriate since they have sunk to the level of a supermarket tabloid.

>I'm sure the same could apply for dreams.
On what basis (evidence) can you say that?


I read a few of those comments, too. I preferred this one:

"Over 2000 comments on this story and the responses have inevitably and predictably polarized around believers and skeptics. Neither will ever convince the other, and it's meaningless to imagine they could or should. Those who believe in some form of consciousness beyond death of the primate biological machine will experience what they believe. Those who think death of the human primate body is the end of all life and consciousness will also have that very same reality."


There are too many things happening beyond our realm of current understanding to make any definite conclusions. Quarks, protons, 11 dimensions... The fact that we are discovering that amoeba are about as complex biologically as humans... And goodness knows what goes on beyond consciousness. The Buddhists, Hindus, and even Christians believe in reincarnation (at least there are mentions in some of the early writings). Maybe that belief comes from somewhere that we haven't yet personally discovered, and might never discover consciously.

Personally, I am not about to speculate about what exists after death. But the experiences of others are interesting, and I am open to the possibility of different levels of experience/consciousness. At least I won't shut off to the possibility unless it's proven one way or another. Maybe the same openness can apply for dreams. People have all sorts of experiences, like meeting up with their dead dog, or possibly even having sex through their wives through dreams. I wouldn't discount it so quickly. There is much we don't know.