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We have been practicing karezza like lovemaking for around three years but we don't abstain from orgasm completely. I usually ejaculate inside her day before starting of her menstrual cycle. We know it's safe time for that. But there has been also few incidents of surprise orgasms and wet dreaming inside her. But we generally stay around in a non-aroused relaxed state far from orgasm ( around 50-60% considering 100% for orgasm). My wife is 36 years old and has been using pills for birth control. We never liked condom. We have two kids and we are not interested for any more baby for at least now. My wife would like to stop taking pills also. Will it be wise to use karezza for birth control?

I think some karezza couple here have been avoiding orgasm completely. Do you use karezza for birth control? If not what do you use ?

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we don't use it

we're past that...but I'm not sure I would use it. I would use condoms, much as I hate them and much as they are not good for Karezza. When we were using condoms, I'd use several in a session. Kinda sucks though.

Reality is that if you aren't ejaculating, you won't have sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid. If you've ejaculated recently the sperm can live in the ducts probably for a few days.

But if you are careful you could probably ejaculate coitus interruptus if you get the feeling you are going to. So that would work if you were okay with 90% or 95% certainty, I think.

Yes, my wife had bit of side

My wife had bit of side effects like nausea, breast tenderness when she started taking pills. It went away after few months like what our doctor said. I don't think she has any side effects now. Instead, it has made her to have predictably regular and light menstruation cycle. Yes, pills artificially alter the hormone level like Marnia said but we found it the most suitable for us. We both dislike condom. We felt like it interferes in the mood and can't give us the real sensation. We didn't think about coitus interruptus because It wouldn't be effective for us. I personally find it very difficult withdrawing in the moment. We love completing inside. It feels natural, loving and not messy.

My wife still takes pills after our discovery of karezza. But what has changed is the the urgency of taking it daily. For last two years I have been encouraging my wife not to take extra pill if she have missed the active one. And we don't take any preventive step also if she forgets to take consecutive active pills. We make love as usual. Last month I think she missed taking 4-5 active pills. It looks positive so far but we are doubtful about stopping taking pills completely. We have doubts on pre-ejaculation fluids and my ejaculating inside her though it happens during the safest period. Wet dreaming and surprise orgasm was problem at beginning but it doesn't occur that much now.

From our doctor we learned coitus interruptus can be used as birth control but its success rate is less than the pills. The threads by Marnia also points out the same thing. And since I am in habit of ejaculating inside her when I do, it is more risky for us. But we are still thinking about to give a try. We don't know anything about Taoist meditation things. And I don't think my wife is in a position to practice it and stop her menstruation. The karezza way seems good to us. It will be inspiring for us to start if any couple is actually into karezza without any external birth control and successful so far.

Thanks for your kind replies.

Surprise Orgasm

I was encouraging my wife to quit taking pills and in the middle of that I had an surprise orgasm yesterday morning. We woke up bit early and had a prolonged lovemaking. We were kissing. My wife started sucking my tongue and out of nowhere I just pumped out sperm inside her. It wasn't new to me but I was really surprised with that happening. It felt good though and made my wife laugh. We still remained connected afterwards till the clock ran out. But it made our idea of birth control to have a rest for a while. Sad

Thank you Freedom for your suggestion about lambskin condom. Actually we are not interested about using condom. I think it doesn't suit to our karezza lovemaking. You know the pain just what Emerson mentioned.