Changes for Good

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I really appreciate the ability of couples who are escaping orgasm for several months. I and my wife used to engage orgasmic sex after every four weeks just before my wife's period. Now, my wife is pregnant for 7 months and we didn't need to have this 4 weeks limit. But I couldn't go more than 6 weeks so far. We had our last orgasm yesterday after around 35-37 days I think. I started to feel horny constantly and it was getting too hot during lovemaking. Eventually we both went for mutual orgasms. With my dear wife pregnant, many things has changed for the last several months. Though we still make love 2 times in a regular day ( before and after sleep), we usually don't go beyond half an hour now. We need to make love also in different position now. Instead of side by side with face to face or missionary position, we now generally make love in spoon position with few times my wife on top. But we have been cuddling a lot now days. I really love touching and kissing my wife's beautiful belly. We have bought a large bed for us already and now we sometimes have a nice family cuddling session in our bed. It's such a pleasant scene to see my kids touching their mommy's belly to feel their brother inside. I am so happy, lucky and grateful to have such a wonderful family.