The healing power of Karezza

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Two days ago, I got bit temperature with cold. Not that much serious. At night, when cuddling before sleep I was reluctant to connect with my dear wife in case she got the fever. She told that she could have the fever already from our kissing. We connected and had karezza lovemaking. With no effort involved, I felt so relaxed and I fell to sleep.

Yesterday, I took a leave from office for rest. After our kids got ready, I dropped them for their school. At home, me and my wife bathed together and made karezza love again for couple of hours with some short intermittent naps during. It was very comforting and blissful.

My sickness got away and I am back to my office today. My dear wife and kids are also fine with no fever and cold. I think my dear wife healed me by providing physical comfort and mental peace through karezza during my sickness.



Great story

Any who knows? All illness is made worse by stress, and bonding behaviors reduce stress.

Also, too much ejaculation is associated with lowered immunity in some animals, so maybe the reverse is good for our immunity!

good story

yeah. great to hear this. Also - be proud of yourself. I think it's rare that people have this type of deep connection.

I gives me something to shoot for. thanks for sharing



Thanks for sharing. I'm very aware of the connection between stress and severe health challenges in myself. Finding partners in healing has been challenging for me. Most people simply want to talk or take medication. I experienced a very deeply healing connection between myself and the little boy in me while doing the first three Exchanges with a friend a few years ago. She bailed when it got too much for her, but I got some good insight into the power of these Exchanges. That level of healing is clearly connected to my physical health.

I was told long ago (I've forgotten where, apologies if it was through you, Marnia) that during WWII, European soldiers would put a sick soldier in a sleeping bag and get two buddies to join him in the bag to keep him warm. American GIs tended to leave their sick alone. American casualties to illness were higher than amongst their European allies.

It's good for me to hear these stories. Maybe someday I'll find a partner to explore this approach to healing more deeply. Then I'll be able to add a little more to the thread.