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Last Sunday morning after bed I and my wife connected for about an hour. We were both so relaxed and could go for an hour more. But we had to end it there because the kids had woken up early. We have two lovely children: 10 years old daughter and 7 years old son. In the afternoon we again connected but had to end mommy-daddy time again since our son was knocking our door. We find it impossible to engage in a long karezza love making in daytime with the kids around.

I want to hear the experience from the karezza couple with kids. How do you manage? Have they discovered your karezza? What do you tell them? Do anyone have come up with an idea?

Thanks advance.



For us it was just like

For us it was just like everything else we had to do to work around the kids. Sometimes we had to work around their schedule and just slip in when we could, but other times we trained them to give us our alone time together. In the evenings for example, occasional bedtime for them meant being ready for bed with lots of storybooks to read and in their rooms for the night an hour ahead of actual bedtime. That gave them time to wind down, learn to be okay having quiet time to themselves, and gave us the extra hour beyond what we would have taken had they gone to bed at regular time.

We'd have at-home date nights where both kids spent the night at friends' houses (and we'd return the favor for their friends' parents).

On specified mornings, say every other Saturday, we'd tell them ahead of time that if they woke up before a certain time, they had to play quietly in their rooms until we came to get them, because we were taking our alone time together. They did try to test it and so at first we were interrupted, but they quickly found out we meant business. Eventually they came to accept and even enjoy the routine. It didn't happen that often, and we'd make it fun for them, giving them breakfast snacks they were allowed to eat in their rooms when they woke up the next morning. It felt like bedroom camping for them. I wouldn't trade raising kids for anything in the world. But we sure didn't complain when the empty nest years came around.

We also work around with our

We also work around with our kids schedule. We usually have 2-3 quickie karezza sessions for about 10 to 30 minutes whenever we can manage in the daytime on weekends. We don't forbid them to interrupt us and always respond to their call. My wife is a very caring mother and thinks that our kids' call should come before our hour long lovemaking.Actually bedtime is the main time of our lovemaking. Last night we remained connected for around 2-3 hours until we fell asleep.

Yes, we also have at home dates when our kids go to visit their uncle and aunt. This is the only time when we can do such things that we can't do like connecting and relaxing in the couch while watching tv.

Yes, our kids understand that mommy-daddy need some time alone together. But it is unlikely to keep us isolate for an hour or more from them. So we don't have any ruling for them. Sometimes it gets very romantic to get connected finding just a little opportunity.

Thank you, Islander for your kind reply. I might try some of your creative ideas.

My kids are a little younger,

My kids are a little younger, but they know that if our door is closed, they should:
A) solve their own problem
B) slip a note under the door (we've gotten some hilarious ones)
C) if necessary, knock.

It seems like they're learning resourcefulness and problem solving during the times when we're not available, and they creatively entertain themselves, too. Life skills!

They have found us under a blanket a number of times. That's one thing we do - keep a blanket handy! We say we're resting; they might think it odd that we like to rest naked, but it is what it is. When we're connecting with a karezza attitude, it is a very private thing of course, but I don't feel ashamed or embarrassed, so I don't think they're picking up an idea that something shameful is happening.

Our problem with our kids at

Our problem with our kids at a younger age seeing us karezzaing is that they wanted to join us. Hm.

By telling our kids there were private times they couldn't interrupt us unless an emergency, it had nothing to do with not being caring. Our time together benefited the whole family as a unit. It was carefully paced, age appropriate, and gently led into. IMO Kids feel very very secure when their parents are deeply in love and they know they are expressing it to each other. In that atmosphere, it's easier for them to start gently learning independence and learning how to sacrifice for another's needs now and then.

It also taught them sex continues joyfully after marriage -- unlike what they were taught in the media.
While we needed our privacy, we did eventually want them to know we were having sex during that time, for their current and future happiness and security as much as for ours.

It was win-win. Looking back, the fact that we nurtured our relationship that way is one of their fondest memories, and now they've grown into adults who still cherish their spouses years after faithful marriage. And they love my grandkids to death as well.

Another trick my dad told us as newlyweds that we never had a chance to try -- he told us to hide 29 quarters out in the safe fenced backyard. Tell the kids they can have as many as they find. But tell them you hid 30.

I loved that idea but I think I would have worried too much instead of enjoying intimacy. I'd be having visions of my kids climbing the fence out into the street, digging up the garden, chopping down the tree -- just about anything to find that last quarter.

It looks like we all have

It looks like we all have faced similar situation. So far 2-3 times our children have found us in bed during karezzaing since we forgot to lock the door. And blanket was the only thing that rescued us. One of the advantage of karezza is that this lovemaking is less shocking for a child wandering in since it looks like cuddling. Like 'Undying' we also said we are resting and I know it surely was odd to them seeing us resting naked in bed. And most funny thing is that last time our son wanted to join us like "Islande's kids."

I personally think quickie karezza lovemaking suits a couple with children more than the conventional lovemaking. They can connect without noises and can just stop when interrupted. Couple of month back we went to a family tour and stayed in a hotel. We rented a room with two bed. After kids fell into sleep we connected under the blanket and engaged in love making. I think we could never do this with the conventional way of lovemaking.

I didn't mean that telling kids not to interrupt in the private time has something to do with not being caring. You did very well to successfully raising you kids. Congratulation. I just said what we do. Actually we might be bit over-cautious.

I totally agree with you Islande that children feel very very secure when they see their parents are in deep love. It tightens the bonding and unity within family. We don't mind to express our love but we try not to expose our ultimate lovemaking. That is the way we think.

The way kids are programmed

The way kids are programmed to imitate, I agree with lovers13 about not exposing kids to the ultimate lovemaking. For their sakes, young kids might decide to try genital connection with inappropriate people and in wrong places just to imitate like kids pretend they're school teachers or bus drivers. On a personal level, also, I can feel myself being "watched." For some that might be a turn on but for me it's hugely distracting. And when it's my kids watching, the feeling is even more distracting, most likely the mothering instinct that turns off sex and is concerned only with the well-being of the child.

Still, there's the desire to have kids exposed to this type of sex, the full deal, before or at least along with conventional sex they're exposed to at younger and younger ages so they know there's a choice. Wish I knew the answer to that one.

BTW, we didn't call it karezza way back then -- didn't even know that existed. We discovered this kind of connection accidentally when my husband (temporarily) wasn't able to do conventional sex but wanted to be physically close and intimate. Once we felt what that did for us, it became something we continued to desire.

I 100% agree with you. The

I 100% agree with you. The feel of being watched by our kids distracts us from enjoying closeness and turns off the mood.

Just like you, we also didn't knew about karezza though we have been doing something like this for about 3 years. Few days back I just learned the name karezza from here. It is good to know that so many people are into this what we do daily.

It actually was my beloved wife's idea. Being exhausted from daily works we didn't use to feel much attraction for sex and it became a weekly affair. My wife asked me to just connect with her before sleeping. I found it so effortlessly easy and moreover very much intimate. We enjoyed it so much that we started to regularly falling sleep being connected. And once that we started experimentally has become our part and parcel of our life.

Yesterday my wife showed me

Yesterday my wife showed me my son's exercise book where he wrote a paragraph on "My Mother". There he wrote ".... My mother loves my father very much. They are always in love. They never quarrels. They always stay together. I like that very much...." So sweet. We couldn't stop laughing.