Karezza and orgasms

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I think karezza makes conventional lovemaking more intense when purposely done after abstaining from orgasms for quite along time. Few days back, we engaged into karezza with slow movements (usually we remain still). I edged after maybe after around 15 minutes and moved to missionary position. I really felt the neediness to ejaculate and did deep inside her. We both had strong orgasms. We remained connected afterward. Still after a strong orgasms I didn't go flaccid. We made love one more time after about half an hour and ended with orgasming together. That was nice and much better than our old days.

Almost a month wait really intensify the passion and in the past we went for multiple orgasms number of times. But, after that we had to pay the price. Next 2-3 days we missed the liveliness among us and of course the constant pull to each other. But we always try to engage in other tender bonding sessions during this recovery period. Embracing, cuddling at bed and sit to stare at each other and kiss lightly really make that recovery time better. At bed I like to spend some times into my wife's breasts. I like to recommend it for others during their recoveries from post orgasm effect.



It's simple

It's not our daily practice. We don't connect when my wife is on her period. During this time along with our post-orgasmic hangover I like to pass some time nestling on my wife's breasts at bed. I just nuzzle against her breasts and suck very gently. It's something like getting breastfed by her if you want an analogy. It's very soothing and we sensed karezza like bonding feelings during.

I would like to recommend that you should try enjoying some close bonding time together. Maybe it's by just hugging and embracing or by just cuddling and tenderly kissing or by anything that make you feel closer to each other. A feeling of togetherness will help you to mitigate the restlessness and disconnection during that recovery time and help you to start fresh again.