Relaxing side of karezza

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For us karezza means making love not having sex. I and my beloved wife engaged in our own version of karezza every morning and night to reunite us physically and mentally to feel the ultimate intimacy and love. We make love for hours and when we are finished we are so relaxed and happy.There is no feeling of tiredness or uneasiness among us.

For this I think couple need to focus on stillness and sensation rather than on friction and stimulation. I enter my wife as deep as I can until our pubic bones meet and then move to our usual position to relax with full penetration. Lying there in stillness, we embrace, kiss, talk, laugh or remain silent staring at each other. Conforming inside her to reach deep to her cervix gives the most intimate feeling. There is sometime little movement like rocking or gyration but there is no in-out motion. And yes there is the most pleasuring movement of my growing and melting which comes like wave that happen inside her. Her warmth, wetness, gentle squeezes and the deep contact of her feel so ecstatic. We even moan in pleasure.The good part is this, the energy lost in our lovemaking is so low that after couple of hours of time together when we finish there is not trace of tiredness or weakness but only complete relaxed and pleased state of mind and body.

Our karezza doesn't need much activity and we can easily fall sleep during if we want to. Every night we fall sleep remaining connected together and I must say this is the best way we have ever slept. It makes us relaxed and to fall sleep so peacefully. It's like lullaby as one of member here said. We now don't miss to connect when we have a short nap in the holiday afternoon. And if one can get into this relaxing nature of karezza they can even enjoy the connection while doing other stuff like while watching TV in the couch or reading book together in the bed.

I and my wife engage into conventional sex once in a month just before her menstruation start. Karezza has affected the way of our conventional sex too. Our objective of slow passionate sex is not to reach to the orgasm quickly rather let our body be free without restriction. We embrace what comes naturally at the end not running towards it. Karezza has makes us so tuned that usually we have strong orgasms together almost at the same time. We sometimes go for multiple orgasms too. I know it does not go with the grammar of karezza but we find this way is more suitable for us. We don't like the feeling of pressure building inside us and we take the chance to release the pressure. After that we don't connect for 3 days but still we kiss, make out and cuddle while sleeping. And when her period ends, we start our karezza journey again. I think for the couple who don't stay together and meet for a few days might find this helpful. You can make karezza love while together and end up with conventional sex when it's time to get apart.



No, I haven't read about

No, I haven't read about kosher sex before. Yes, you linked it and from the link what I have learned that kosher sex is conventional sex with 2 weeks of break in between to strengthen the intimacy and closeness. Actually without knowing much about research I was just giving a idea. My idea is that if any couple don't stay together, they may choose to experience orgasm at the time of their separation as they can regain the affection and attraction for each other during the break.

Do you think are we into kosher sex? I don't think so. We don't abstain from each other for 2 weeks. We don't connect during her menstruation for health and religious issue but we engage in other ways of showing love and affection. Having orgasm after 4 weeks doesn't affect us much. We don't feel depleted and detached like we used to feel during our old days. We still kiss and cuddle during that time. When her period ends, we engage in our karezza love making again.

No, I don't

I merely thought you might find it interesting to see how another tradition wove together orgasmic sex and respect for the subtle underlying post-O changes.