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Can Porn and Masturbation Be Separated From One Another?

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The term fapping describes masturbating to Internet porn. The fact that one term describes two things in combination is interesting. I suppose we could apply this to older practices. How about Self-Play-Boy, to describing masturbating to a popular magazine? Well, you get the point, but it begs a question; what is the relationship between porn and masturbation? In following threads of rebooters the question takes on more significance because questions seem to arise repeatedly regarding where to draw the lines in avoiding porn and other sexually stimulating materials.

Bargaining With The Letter M

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Accomplishment Is Contagious

Somewhere along the way I learned that reading biographies was very useful in shaping my own life. Many of the greatest accomplishments in history happened, in part, because a strong person led the way and refused to give in to failure. The story of the Apollo moon landings is filled with such accounts, program managers who instinctively knew that failure didn't have to be final.